Lift Heavy

One of my (very few) classes is just a workout class: Individual Weight Lifting. Super chill class. You just go in and lift. It’s pretty great ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday, we had about 45 minutes to do what we wanted. I first did lat pull-downs:

60# for 12 reps, 70# for 10 reps, and 80# for 5.5 reps. Dang. 80# was incredibly tough! I tried to get to a sixth reps… and it was just stuck halfway while going down… my arms were shaking and jiggling. It was crazy!

Then I moved on to rows:

60# for 12 reps, then for 10 reps. Boo.

Since it was a small gym and pretty crowded, I just took some 10 pound dumbbells and did some shoulder work. Then I did about 15 minutes of core work. Some with a stability ball, some with a 10-pound medicine ball.

One of the things that I noticed was that all the girls were on the ellipticals and the bikes. Actually, there was only one other girl who was hitting the weights. I tried to make eye contact with her so I could wave with a big smile… but she never looked at me.

Just kidding. I probably would have gone for a cool-guy chin-nod or whatever you call it.

I hope that through the course of the semester, the other girls can start hitting the weights and not be intimidated by the big scary boys who seem to populate the weights area. The girls will not get super buff and they WILL burn a lot of calories. I was moving quickly from drop sets to the next workout to this and that and I worked up a bigger sweat than the girls who were mindlessly pedaling.

Hmm, then again, I’ve met girls who don’t like to sweat. They only like toย glisten…ย 

Though I WILL say that when I lift heavy, my appetite gets a little crazy. I guess it’s my torn up muscles screaming for PROTEIN. I didn’t bring my awesome protein shakes to school, so I’ve been having to do what I can with eggs and nuts and such.

(My back muscles and obliques are pretty sore from yesterday. Those lat pull-downs weren’t even that heavy and it’s still going to give me some DOMS!)


BTW, I’ve taken “BEFORE” pictures last week. I really let myself go during the month of January… and felt pretty uncomfortable in my bloat and fluff and squishiness. I just hope that I can have a good “AFTER” picture to compare them to. I’ll put it up if there is a visible difference… otherwise, that “before” picture will just have to be deleted ๐Ÿ˜›




I baked a bunch of sweet potatoes, roasted some carrots, beets, wilted some spinach, and fried up some chicken strips.

Those beets and carrots were from my order (btw, if you want to get $10 your first order, then let me know. I’ll give you a discount/referral code).

This dinner was super easy to make and ultra filling! I hope that everyone can try to make simple meals on their own.

I made a big batch of everything so that my lunch and dinner can be covered for tomorrow. I pretty much never eat out while I’m at school. We live super close to a Trader Joe’s so my roommate and I walk there in the beginning of the week and have the fridge stocked for the whole week… because we’re awesome like that ๐Ÿ™‚


My roomie and I went to the gym at 10:30pm. It was packed! Garsh… and since all the treadmills were taken, we hopped on different cardio machines. I did the stairmaster (level 10 and slowly increase to 12. Felt super fast at 12 for some reason) for 20 minutes, then got onto an available treadmill.

Ooh I knew why it wasn’t used… the distance and time didn’t display on the dashboard. “Oh, well” I thought. I just put it at 0.5% to 1.0% incline (switched it around) and went up and down from 7.1mph to 7.4mph. I saw that it was 23 minutes of running like that and I knew my roommate would be coming soon to get me (we said we’d do 45 minutes). I walked for 2 minutes and she was there, right on time.

So by calculating an average pace of 7.2mph (or 8:20 per mile) on’s pace calculator, it says I covered 2.76 miles in 23 minutes. 2 minutes at 4.5mph gives me 0.15 mile, so I did a total of about 2.9 miles in 25 minutes.

Not bad… considering I wasn’t really going to run yesterday.


Lessons for the day…

Make all your meals colorful (see the picture from this post). The American diet is brown, yellow and white (meat, potatoes, corn, and deep-fried). Try to add more fresh produce and colorful fruits and veggies!

Try to make your own simple meals.

Find accountability to workout by going with a friend or roommate.


And don’t be afraid to lift heavy!

Have a wonderful day ๐Ÿ˜€

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