Just Play

Hey hey 😀

IT’S SATURDAY! I was supposed to have run some kind of long distance this morning with the Running Addicts but I decided not to early this morning (around 12:30am). My stomach was hurting and I was wide awake. I knew that if I was going to go out there for a long run after only having slept 4 low quality hours of sleep, it would throw off the rest of my weekend and I could be more susceptible to all the nasty bugs going around these days.

Had it been me about 6 months ago, I would have forgone the sleep and forced myself into going. I guess I’m getting smarter.

Or lazier. I can’t tell sometimes.


My workout yesterday was NO RUNNING, but an upper body shredder. I’m insanely sore this morning and it feels awesomes.

Pull-up workout: 5 sets of 2 chin-ups, then 6 “walk-the-planks” in pull-up position. That’s a total of 40 exercises for the back. Now I know why my lats, wings, and core are so sore.

If you don’t know the “Building up to doing real pull-ups” workout I used last year to reach my goal of two real pull-ups, watch that video.

Push-ups: Okay. I did these the way Joe taught me to do it. It totally worked because my CHEST is SUPER SORE… almost like I used the bench press! I just did 5 sets of 10 push-ups. Every time I got to the 8th rep, things slowed down a lot. I tried to make sure I was lowering down far enough each time. I hope the push-ups help me get some jazz in the boobular area. If not, at least I’ll be getting stronger 😛

Burnouts: with 3 pounders. Holy crap, doing burnouts after completing the other ones was INSANE. It was seriously buuuuurning like crazy!


Had a sisters meeting at church last night. We had a lot of brainstorming for the projects and spiritual goals for the year. We also had tea and sweets to eat while talking 🙂


And then we practiced our special song for a long long time. Even though it was over an hour, I felt like the time flew by! I’m so excited to be singing this special praise song for God with the sisters this Sunday!


I slept in. 8:45am!

My mama made me breakfast. I kind of love it when she makes me eggs (or any sort of breakfast). It reminds me of when I was in elementary school and she would always be up early to prep a nice lunch and have breakfast on the table.

She asked what kind of eggs I wanted, and I said sunny-side up. She made three, and she totally caught me eyeballing all three of them… but I only got two, haha.

I love eggs. Period.

Anyways, after breakfast, we headed out to the Farmer’s Market! It has been a while since we went together. We used to walk there from our house in the mountains when it was at my high school, but they moved it to another location and we had to drive there.


There was a lot of sampling going on. Somehow, we bought about 25 pounds worth of fruits and veggies, and nearly $40. HOLY MOLY. At least we’re supporting the local farms! And she picked all the organic produce.

[FYI, not all farmers’ market produce is organic. They ARE local, but you have to ask which ones are also organic… if that’s something that you’re interested in.]


I think my mommy is so cute 🙂


Played with Vanna a lot when I got back. She is such a happy and playful dog (or… that probably describes all dogs, haha)!


And I love to watch her run and chase after the ball.


Playing fetch with her is so fun. I know I just said “play”, “playful”, “playing”. And that brings me to this point… She is having fun and PLAYING as she runs around!  As with many people who play sports, you can have fun, be competitive, and be goal-oriented. Your reason for running fast is to out-run an opponent, to score a basket, to be active on defense, to catch a ball, etc.

I think doing whatever makes your body work AND allows you to enjoy the time spent during the activity is the most important things for long-lasting physical fitness.

For me, I do love to run, do yoga, and lift weights. For others, they would much rather be outdoors trekking the trails and being in nature. Others will have to be playing a sport and be motivated by winning the game.

Still others just want to get the darned tennis ball.


So even when you’re working out, if it doesn’t feel like WORK, then you’ll probably do it more often.

I mean… you should always be challenging yourself to get faster, to jump higher, to react more quickly… but if it feels more like play than work, then you’ll obviously be more willing to engage in that activity consistently.

This was the long-winded and verbose way of saying JUST PLAY. 


Have a beautiful and restful Saturday, everyone!

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