First 10+ Miler!

It’s Sunday! Hope everyone had an eventful/restful Saturday. My Saturday was SUPER eventful!

First, I spend the morning sleeping in, being happy about the DOMS in my upper body, then I went to Joe’s to hang out, and then his sister and I went out for a run in the afternoon.

So Esther ran her first 10K back in November. I strategically timed my question for when I knew she would be beaming with endorphins and the joy of accomplishing her first race. “So you want to register for a half marathon?” I ask. “OKay,” she says.

WOO HOO! I found a discounted one that we will be running this month. We have gone on  only long runs together because she can do other shorter-distance runs on her own.

Well, her longest run before yesterday was about 8.5 miles. I planned on doing 9 or 10 miles, with plenty of walk breaks every couple of miles.


I also didn’t have her run in super flat places. I think the race we’re running is pretty flat, but kind of as a test of her running ability, there were some minor hills.

We ran to Stevens Creek County Park area:


And we got to discover a reservoir or something. I always came down from the other side of the mountain and never got to see it. Esther got to see how discovering new trails can be so much fun! I love to explore, but I never really liked having to do it by myself. Now that I have Esther, we can go find lots of trails together!


We ran halfway around the reservoir when I said we should turn back and head home (we were at about 5 miles… so I couldn’t wait to get back to tell her she had covered more than 10 miles for the day!).



She tried her first gel, too. It was a Honey Stinger Acai pomegranate flavor. I was only a little scared that her stomach would get upset or she wouldn’t like the texture, but she was totally fine! YAY! We know what she’ll be fueling with for the half marathon.

So when we were about a block or two away from her home, I asked her how many miles she thinks she completed  today. “I don’t know, like 8 or 9 miles?”

“You did over 10 miles, girl!!” I says.

And she just had wide eyes and a huge smile. It was awesome and I was so proud of her for this huge accomplishment! I think the run-walk strategy is going to be perfect for her first half. Then for her second one (because there WILL be another one), we’ll focus on running the whole way through.

GREAT JOB, ESTHER, on your first double-digit-mile run! 10.6 miles, to be exact 😉



After we washed up, me and the Kim siblings went to Xanh. Esther was so kind and treated me to a belated birthday dinner!


^BTW, it was my first time in Downtown Mountain View and I super loved it! It’s so cute and the restaurants all sound super yummy!

We ordered 4 dishes, but here are my two favorite ones. The Xanh salad (with beef, avocados, bell peppers, sesame seeds, green apples, mangoes, carrots, and some crispy thingy):


And the Miso salmon:


So good, and so much food! I was stuffed. Thanks for the yummy dinner, Esther!

I later played around with the different filters on my camera.



And, of course, I was full, but not TOO full for dessert.


Yogurtland. They have a new Greek yogurt one. It was pretty good, but super sweet (some kind of berry banana). Whenever it’s too sweet, it tastes a tiny bit chemical-ish, but I don’t mind it too much. I like the thicker texture.

After dessert, I went to church at 10:00pm for a practice with the sisters for a special song!

Here is me and Priscilla with the soft filter on my camera (as we waited for the other girls to come).


Not gonna lie. I kind of LOVE that the sisters can play all sorts of instruments. We can totally be our own band (as Priscilla mentioned). IT’S SO MUCH FUN!


Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Have a blessed Sunday!

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