Cutest Dessert and Random Photos

I won’t talk much about the Super Bowl party except for the fact that watching in a reclining seat with the game projected on the wall is probably the coolest way to watch


And these are the cutest desserts I’ve ever ever seen eaten:


Adorable, yeah? They are made with Nilla Wafers (buns), colored icing (cheese, tomato, lettuce, etc.), and Grasshopper cookies (beef patty). GENIUS.

And while everyone was looking for water or soda, I asked for a glass of milk… to eat my cookies with, har har.


Random photos taken from my phone and my computer:

I miss him!.. though I can’t say he misses his crazy-eyes Aunt Michelle:


He’s got some amazing flawless porcelain skin. Mine is nice and oily and sun-damaged.

OMG and this is when Noel and I were judges in a Cook-Off at SCUM! This is before she was mommy to Urijah (pictured above). Random picture that I found on my computer!



Haven’t done theses in a while:


This is from Michael’s phone from when we used to workout together all the time. Now he’s in law school in Atlanta… SIGH.

I just read somewhere to think about the knees pushing outwards as you go down, too (or at least not letting them cave inward). I want to try it out soon, but I’m just scared of the whole sore-for-three-days-straight-with-mind-blowing-DOMS thing.


I love watching Joe play with Vanna (or in this case, making her work for her treat):


They’ve had a special bond from day one:

joe and vanna 2 joe and vanna 1

joe and vanna

^Probably one of my favorite pictures of the two of them. She’s so hilarious!


Hope you had a wonderful Monday!

Me? I had one class and played a lot of guitar, but I wasn’t that productive with my readings. Only one measly hour.

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