Dear Wall Balls…

I went to the gym today. Planned on doing squats and deadlifts, but apparently, so did like 8 other guys… so I had to go to the little fitness room and do something else.

I told Joe yesterday that when I have the monies, I would totally want to join a gym and do Crossfit! It just seems like such good workouts that are functional (for those days when you need to flip a tractor tire super fast or do 10 kipping pull-ups or whatever).

He said, “Can’t you just do those on your own?” And though I would have loved to say, “noooo it can only be done at THE BOX,” he was right. I could do a LOT of their workouts on my own or in the gym I currently go to.

I know that they do box jumps and wall balls, so I decided to just throw together several reps of those along with other plyo and strength training.

(BTW, those squat guys were using the boxes for other things, so I didn’t get to do box jumps. SAD FACE).

For the first round of wall balls, I used a 12 pound ball:


We have those exact same balls at the gym, so I used it and threw that crap up as high as I could off the wall and caught it in a low squat (like the girl above) before exploding right back up.

12 pounds seemed too light, and some guy was using the 14-pounder ball, so I went up to 16 pounds. HAH… nearly caught it with my face on the first couple times. It definitely didn’t go up as high either.

Anyways, alternating 25 knee-tuck jumps with 15 wall balls, then 12 jump-switch-lunges (on each leg) with 15 wall balls, a couple times through and you’ll be DRENCHED in sweat.

I later did some other plyo jumps with an 8-pound ball. It was enough to make my 8-inch vertical into 4.5, haha. Also, lots and lots of lunges. Forward. Backward. Side lunges. All with the 16-pound enormous wall ball.

When I went to the dumbbell section to do some shoulder work, I noticed a bunch of kettlebells. Holy moly. I’m TOTALLY going to be doing kettlebell swings in a couple days. It’s not just the dinky 10 pound/20-pound ones either. They looked like the real deal.

When you use heavy enough kettle bells and do the motion correctly, you’re not using your arms. Your using your badonkadonk and explosive power. I have lots of that and greatly desire to put them to use.

This guy has a blog (that I used to read all the time a couple years ago). He talks about his never-ending love for big, explosive power movements, kettlebells, and large-muscle exercises. He would be mad to hear that I was using 7.5-pounders and doing isolated arm workouts. Check it out. He’s actually certified in a bunch of exercise-related things and can offer you way more knowledge than I could.


So anyways, my message to Wall Balls…

I LOVE YOU WITH INTENSE HATRED. I’m going to love hating you even more when I graduate up to 20 pounds one day. It’s going to be wonderfully uncomfortable. I can’t wait.


My belated birthday to me from Sephora:




Today’s going to be a two-a-day! I’ll be going to the gym later with my roomie!

Any readers out there who have tried Crossfit? Anyone who is a member of a “box” (<–I don’t actually know how to use these terms correctly. I’m just guessing)?

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