Some Blogs I’m Lovin’ These Days


It’s always weird to think that I have a blog. I’m pretty much ordinary and do nothing extremely well… it’s just a creative outlet for some of the struggles I have with my emotional and physical health.

For other people who keep blogs, it is because there is something extraordinary about them (in my opinion). They can cook better than the average person, they can run faster, perhaps offer amazing wisdom and insights… and I just wanted to share some of them here!

Here’s a man who knows what he’s doing in the kitchen: The Rantings of an Amateur Chef. I’m always super hungry after look through that blog. He can give you ideas or inspiration in the kitchen!

This is a blog I came across recently and fell in love with. The girl knows what she’s doing with all things beauty-related (especially with make-up application). She so super gorgeous, too! Check out frmheadtotoe!

Here is a woman who is training to be in the qualifying group for the Olympics (or something incredible like that). She is a mother of three and can manage to run sub-6:00 miles like it’s just an average Tuesday morning. msfitrunner is amazing!

This man is a Christian runner who shares his faith as well as inspiration to get out the door and RUNNING!

My Gym Shoes features an extremely fit woman who posts her W.O.D.’s. They are very detailed and extensive. You can definitely get ideas for workouts there!

Transcending Borders is written by a woman who has gone through so much in her life. She is like everyone of us who is trying to find identity and proclaims her faith in the Lord through it all!

Jenny and Tina both write on this blog called We Shall Have Pie! They recently said they found my blog “witty and charming“!!!… well mine and a bunch of other cool bloggers, hehe. They’re best friends who are both into fitness/health, running, and desserts! So cute!


Well, not gonna lie… I really do look into a LOT of blogs. Any time there is a lull, I’ll be reading someone’s blog. For whatever reason you bloggers chose to write, and whether you have a few readers or hundreds each day, just know that you might as well document as much of your life as possible. There is only one YOU. There will never be another YOU in the generations to come. You are unrepeatable, so be the best YOU that you can be 😉

(I totally didn’t come up with the “you are unrepeatable” part. I dunno where that comes from. I hope I’m the first one to say the other stuff… but I don’t think I am, HAAaaa).


Last night’s treadmill session was awesome.

Very simple. Start at whatever pace, and increase by 0.2mph every mile.

I started at 7.0 mph, so by mile 5, I was running 7.8 mph. That was a tough, but doable mile. I knew that if I really had to, I could have done one more at 8.0 mph… luckily, the workout sessions with my roommie usually goes for only 45 minutes, so I started my cooldown after 5 miles (40:30). C/d was jogging super slowly for a mile and then walking for 0.2 mile for a total of 6.2 miles in 51:30.

Loved every moment of it. I think that 7.6 mph (7:53) to 7.8 mph (7:41) is a good comfortably hard pace for me. I would need a couple miles of w/u to feel good at that pace though.


I will be running three half marathons this month. I won’t be racing all of them though, because I’m not bionic or anything. I’m also not rich. Two of those entries were from volunteering hours (work for the free entries!).

Found out that I can volunteer in the morning and then race when it starts (for half-off entries).

So I’ll go from this in the early morning:


To THIS in the late morning:


So if you’re living in the Bay Area and into Brazen Racing (they have one every three weeks or so), then join me in volunteering or racing! I super duper love how they put on races. Always on time, relatively inexpensive, and they offer a lot of trail runs (hence the inexpensive part… no hiring police officers to close down streets and stuff).

They are also fantastical when it comes to volunteering! Always have all the supplies ready and easily accessible, and the other volunteers are experienced and very happy to be out there. I’ve always enjoyed every aspect of Brazen races.

February 16th is the Bay Breeze Half marathon in Fremont. I haven’t run a race since December. We’ll see how this goes. I’m not going to go too crazy… just have fun (<–liar. I’ll secretly be trying to get at least sub-8:00 miles).


Hope to see you there 😉


I’m so sore from yesterday’s wall-balling. Holy moly. My poor inner thighs and butt are screaming!

Hope you have a blessed Thursday!

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