Kettlebell Workout

I told you about how our gym has a lot of different fitness equipment that I like? Such as them wall balls and kettlebells.

Well, I decided to really get on it with a set of heavy kettlebells… but first, I warmed up with some squats.

1st set: 65#, 20 reps; followed by 10 18-inch box jumps

2nd set: 85#, 20 reps, with 10 box jumps

3rd set: 105#: 12 reps, 10 box jumps

4th set: 105#, 12 reps, 10 box jumps.

A trainer kindly came by and told me to make sure I stand all the way up when I jump on top of the box (makes it a little hard). Darn him. He was right. But har har because I only had two more left to do (he corrected me after my fourth set).

Why am I so excited about kettlebells?


I’m trying to get into doing EXPLOSIVE movements!

Haha… as you can see, I had some fun playing around with my Galaxy Note 2 today. As you can also see, I am a noob. I didn’t realize the grid would still be there like that. Whoops.

So first, I did 20 KB swings with 55 pounds. Wow. Two hands for sure. I could have done with perhaps a 60 or 65#. I got to do 15 swings.

Then I took the 35# KB to the workout room and alternated doing one-arm KB swings (20 swings) with 10 chest-to-floor burpees. 

Then I rested for about 45 seconds and then did one-arm KB swings on the other arm followed by 10 “grasshoppers”. If you’re curious about where I got that idea, it’s from popsugar. <— You can find other videos for short workouts here.

Then I repeated the whole sequence.

I also did wall balls with a 14# ball. 20 wall balls with 10 chest-to-floor burpees. TWICE. 

Then 15 reps of 55# KB swings followed immediately by 15 grasshoppers.

For cardio, I just did one mile of speed walking (4.7 mph), starting at 5% incline and moving up to 7%.

WOOOOOW. I loved this work out! I was drenched in sweat the same way I would be slogging away on a treadmill.

Actually, I make my treadmill session fun, too, by changing the incline and speed all the time. I’m still thinking of incorporating these kinds of POWER movement days so that I can start to jump higher and develop some fast twitch muscles.


OMG, the best lunch I ever made!

And it’s mostly because I didn’t make most of it, hahaha. I DID make the chicken and had it cut up onto the flatbread… as well as wilting the spinach with some olive oil and garlic salt. Otherwise, it was all thanks to a vendor at our farmers’ market at school called Heavenly Hummus!


So the top two and the bread rounds at the bottom were used for the making of this flatbread:


WOW. Obviously, this was the simplest thing to make. The guy selling the hummus told me that he likes to bake it with the tapenade, so that’s where I got the idea.

I ate it in front of my laptop while trying to focus on the readings for class but the flatbread pizza was SO GOOD that I was raving about it to Joe. It was finger-licking delicious!

And again, it pretty much requires no fancy cooking techniques or anything (except spreading the sauce evenly and distributing the toppings nicely). NO TECHNIQUE.

Oh, I should have put that it’s a Mediterranean flatbread pizza… but it took me long enough to write all that, so I won’t. HAHA.


I’m freaking sore this morning. Especially in my butt and my thighs… and my calves, my abs, my back, and shoulders.

Have a wonderful Friday!!

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