I’ve Slowed Down and Esther’s First Hill Repeats

[The site sorta glitched or something and this post only kind of went up. It was supposed to be posted yesterday morning, but it deleted the second half of my post… so I’m re-posting with the whole thing now]

Sigh. I’ve gotten almost 15 seconds slower than last year.

Image I was supposed to do two more fast miles, but I was DONE after that ONE.

Last year when I did a one-mile timed run, it was 6:39. A couple of things that could have affected this… I am at least five pounds heavier than when I ran it last year. Second, it was a tad windy. When it’s a little windy and you’re trying to run as fast as you can, the headwind feels crazy strong. MEAN, huh?

And one would think that you would at least have a tailwind as your ran around the track on the other side…

well, one would be WRONG. No such tailwind to help me along. Just the headwind to make me feel like I was about to wheeze. Sadness.

OH, WELL. At least I have a one-mile base to work off of. Last year was the last time I ran it. I hope I don’t wait a WHOLE YEAR before doing another timed run. That would be uber pointless.

Anywho, 5 miles covered in 40:34 on Saturday. Not bad considering all the walking I did after I ran that faster mile.

I went to Joe’s right after and did my pull-up/chin-up routine.

This time, it was 3 sets of 1 pull-up, 1 chin-up, and 6 “walk-the-planks”. 1 set of 3 chin-ups and 5 wtp’s, then 1 set of 2 chin-ups and 6 wtp’s for a total of 40 back exercises. 

This was followed by 6 sets of 10 real push-ups (on a pull-up bar on the ground. I don’t think it takes away the realness. I was going all the way down and doing them on my feet). SO FREAKING DIFFICULT GARSH.


On Saturday, we also made it a Groupon day! Joe purchased a bunch of Groupons and we used two of them.

One was for the movie theater nearby, so we watched Wreck It Ralph. That movie is sooooo adorable! If I was a little more peppy instead of tired, I may have possibly teared up at a couple of parts in the movie.

After dinner and some time to digest, we went to Faultline Brewery to use another Groupon ($10 for two beer flights and an appetizer. So very very cheap):


I liked the 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Actually, I really liked the last one. It’s like chocolate.

And Joe liked the first one and the other ones he found to be okay (except for the second one. He could not drink that one.. maybe because it’s unfiltered? I dunno).

Anyways, that appetizer was pretty gross (Tempura ahi roll). It was supposedly a “Faultline specialty”, but if we had paid the regular price of $10.95, we would have been super duper mad. It’s all rice… but luckily, with the Groupon, it’s totally okay.


On Sunday morning, I went over to Joe’s again. This time, I was there to pick up his sister Esther!

Remember how she will be running her first half marathon in two weeks? Well she is somewhat in her taper period, so I decided not to do a double-digit mile run, but throw in another type of tough run.

She got to do her first ever hill repeats!!! (“What’s that?” she asked in the car. Hehe, I told her that people rather really love it or hate it… or that special combination of both love and hate).

We went to Los Gatos and warmed up for three miles on the LGC trail. Then headed for that super fat hill to do our repeats:


Luckily, it ends up with a nice view of the reservoir (or whatever it is):


This hill is a quarter mile long when you start from the bottom. Esther did an amazing job on all three hill repeats! (I know. I’m so mean to make her do that tough hill three times)


She is pretty much the best running partner because she will not only work super hard, but she won’t complain! I WAS SO IMPRESSED AND PROUD OF HER! Then we headed for the trails to do some power-hiking and downhill trail running, which she loved 🙂


^this makes it look like it’s uphill, but it was actually a nice cruise downhill! Great job on that 7.25 mile run, Esther! And you did SO WELL on those hill repeats 😀


I gotta run to class now. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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