Hello! Before I get to the giveaway, I’ll bore you with last night’s workout:

Elliptical for one hour. Level 13 to 14,  switching back and forth. I varied the incline from 4 to 16, as well as pedaling backwards. It was pretty fast hour of sweating and pushing the pace.

When the roommate and I got back, I also added on 15 minutes of Pilates for the lower body. I just do the same routine while I watch stuff on Netflix. It super duper mega burned in the hips and butt. I should really try to incorporate it more into my routine so I could have nice and strong hips that can help me keep good form while running.

Then I did about 12 minutes of yoga and 3 minutes of stretching. Dang. Down-dog= calves and hammies stretching for the first time in forever and ever. It was awesome. The stretching for the whole body was also needed. I need to incorporate these into my routine as well (which means more frequently than every three weeks).


Today, I’ll be running 1.5 miles in class, as well as doing a timed sit-up and push-up test.

That’s right. We have a fitness test in my kinesiology class. In fact, we were walking around the track and talking one day, and jogging around the track on another day last week. I love that class!


Okay. Now onto things that you actually care about:

I recently purchased a bunch of KIND Healthy Grain products by taking advantage of a Groupon deal.

It came in the mail after just a couple of days and I was so excited to after opening them up:


Look how cool that box is. It opens up and has two of each KIND of bar (8 KINDS!).

To the top left, you see the bag of KIND Vanilla Blueberry Clusters? I have SIX of those!

I like how it says “Ingredients you can see & pronounce”. They aren’t kidding! It has whole grains from brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, oats, millet, and buckwheat. Some of its sweeteners are blueberry purree, plum puree, and apple juice. It’s also got a good amount of flaxseeds, which is a source of omega-3’s and fiber. The bars have whole nuts in them, which I love love love.

So for this little giveaway here, I’m going to be giving away three bags of the Vanilla Blueberry Clusters and 6 assorted KIND bars. 


– Comment on this blog post (tell me about a time that someone was KIND to you or said something KIND to you)

– OR Comment on my Facebook page (also telling me about a time someone was KIND to you)

Extra entry if you follow me (or are currently following me. Just let me know in a separate comment)

I will choose a winner on 2/18/12.

[I was not compensated for this giveaway. I just really like the products and wanted to give some away to readers who like KIND products, too ;). Also, the bars contain nuts and the granola was made in a facility that uses peanuts, tree nuts, soy, and sesame seeds. <– for those of you with food allergies]


Good luck on the giveaway!

And I’ll be enjoying Mardi Gras at the Oracle Arena while watching the Golden State Warriors play the Houston Rockets tonight!

21 responses to “A KIND GIVEAWAY for You

  1. I love Kind products and love this idea for a giveaway. I need to spend more time focusing on those who are kind to me – it’s an incredible mood lifter. So, with that in mind, I will participate. My co-worker was incredibly kind to me this morning by just taking a moment to say good morning and ask how I was doing. The two of us have been having an incredible amount of stress and overwhelmedness (yep that’s a word now) lately and her taking a moment was an incredibly kind act that helped me feel not so alone in the day!

  2. Just stumbled on your blog, love everything here! As for a KIND moment… I teach group fitness classes and it means a lot when students come up after class and tell you they loved it! I like hearing that they look forward to class and they plan to come back. It makes me love my job more and more.

  3. A KIND moment for me was when I was doing some research into my future career in the music industry. The music industry is usually known for being pretty ruthless so asking people questions about their job and such is usually a no go. However I asked one tour manager of one of my favourite bands to answer a few questions for me and he did! Even though he was super super busy and on tour at the time. Just goes to show, you shouldn’t listen to rumours about the music industry and people will always surprise you! ❤

  4. Oh I love Kind bars!! I screwed up really bad at work by accidentally mailing confidentiall information to the wrong person and I felt so awful. My boss was so nice to me about and even send me a text later on that night to tell me not to worry and that people make mistakes. It made me love working for her even more.

  5. I’ve had lots of people who have been KIND to me, but most recently I was in a car accident and lost the gate key for my complex. When the manager heard my story, he kindly waived the $20 replacement fee. The little gestures go a LONG way!

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  7. Hmmm I tried to comment, but it’s not showing up! I LOVE Kind bars, there’s so many great flavours, and they make a great snack to keep in the car for emergency fuel! My do good kind thing of the week was to host a healthy brunch after a half marathon I ran with some friends over the weekend, saved everyone some money, and was WAY healthier than our normal post race routine!!

  8. 2. One of the KINDest moments of my recent foray into the running world was when I was making my second attempt at the Wednesday night Social run. My first attempt was really horrible,and I wasn’t planning to run it again the second time. But I did it because one of the runners kept looping back around to me to make sure I didn’t get lost. It let me see that though runners are competitive and unbelievably focused, they stick together and help you, even if you’re in dead last.

  9. My co-worker has been so great to hear me out and tells me how much they appreciate me and what I do. It’s nice to hear that someone notices and appreciates it.

  10. It was after work when one of the people at work started to put me down. My coworker is not one to talk back but he actually stepped up and defended me in my absence.

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  13. When my fiance professed his love to me and proposed – that was very very kind 🙂

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

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