A Recipe For You and Lenten Commitments

As you know, I’m into experimenting with my meals making things like this:


Yes. Kind of a flip-fail, but whatever. It was made with that Vega smoothie protein powder, spinach, a banana, and two eggs. I made the mistake of putting a little bit of coconut milk, which made it too wet (but it was still tasty).

Then there was a more successful one this morning:


If you’re actually expecting it to taste like a cupcake, you will be sorely disappointed. It tastes like a really dense, dry banana bread… or something. The almond meal makes it pretty mealy, but it really made me full.

It has 23 grams of protein (not including the PB)! That’s why I was full for several hours from a breakfast that took me less than three minutes to make!

If you are one of those people who do not eat breakfast because you have no time to make it… well, now you have no excuse. If you’re telling me you can’t find 2.5 to 3 minutes in your morning to make this super easy and filling CUPcake, then you are staring at the mirror a little too long.

Also, I believe this meal is sort of Paleo-friendly. The protein powder has some brown rice protein or something, so I guess that would go against the “paleo” way. Oh, same with the PB. You can always substitute almond butter.

[Note: I have done Paleo for a week before realizing that long distance running requires more carbs than just from fruits and sweet potatoes. I was super fatigued without my carbs. I could see myself following some similar to it for 80% of my diet if I wasn’t going to be racing any time soon. I DO agree that we can all use a lot less sugar and processed foods in our diet!]


For Lent, I am giving up desserts and alcohol. Desserts definitely have a hold on me (or perhaps the other way around). I committed to this last year and thought it was really good for my self-discipline.

Alcohol? I figure I should just try to put good things into my body. I have no problem with controlling my alcohol intake. Never been drunk (and never will be), but I want to treat this body as a temple for these days before Easter, and have decided to omit that as well.

Then there are the spiritual disciplines I want to ADD during Lent. On top of my daily devotions, I am also waking up at 6:00am every morning to pray.

I end up going back to sleep after I pray, but I feel that waking up when the world around me is sound asleep and to be able to wake up to pray for someone else, for a ministry, for my church… it’s so much better than waking up at my usual time and thinking, “I gotta go brush my teeth.”

There is something awesome about the early morning hours. I’m pretty sure that’s why Jesus always went out early to pray in solitude.


Do you give up anything or add any good practices to your life during the Lenten season?

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