First Female Finisher


My mood is definitely up! Part of it is from all of the great comments I’m getting from the KIND GIVEAWAY. There is plenty of time if you still want to enter 🙂

Another reason is because we had a 1.5 mile timed fitness run on Tuesday in my kinesiology class. We also did one minute timed push-ups, sit-ups, sit-and-reach, and waist & hip measurements.

I know the 1.5 mile run was not a race… but I still wanted to be the first girl to finish… so I did. HAH!

I’m rather proud of myself for that. I actually didn’t even give it 95%! It was more around 85 and 90% at the very end. We have to get tested again at the end of the semester, so I want to make sure my time is faster.

1.5 miles in 10:30. That’s a 7:00 min/mile pace. On the dot. 

I didn’t get to warm-up that long, just a super relaxed half mile. In fact, the timed run seemed somehow relaxed, too! It was certainly not as breezy as the other day when I tried to do just one mile. This run was way way easier! I was not straining, but gliding along. I felt like I was running very efficiently. Somehow.

The one-minute push-up test was done on my toes with my chin touching the ground (or at least almost grazing it) every time. 20 push-ups. Holy crap. I don’t know how I did that! And yes, there were a couple of little breaks during the minute.

Sit-ups are something that I think are kind of lame. It seems to test the hip-flexor strength more than the abs. 48 sit-ups in the minute (elbows touch knees every time).

For the sit-and-reach test, I got to 25.5 inches (your heels are at the 15-inch line. I think).

Waist? 28.5 inches (with t-shirt… and stomach sucking in as much as possible, hehe).

Everything was normal for my sex and age. The 1.5 mile run was considered “superior”. Push-ups were also “very good”.

Cool. I hope to see improvements when we test these again near the end of the semester.


I’m think about making my Tuesdays into Track Tuesdays/Tempo Tuesdays. I know msfitrunner does some kind of tempo Tuesday… and probably a lot of other runners.

I KNOW I need to be incorporating more track/speedwork, as well as pushing myself with some tempo miles. We’ll see how it goes next Tuesday.


This was my snack before the fitness test.


I guess it wasn’t enough because when I hit the gym afterwards without any snack, my legs were dead and I just felt TIRED, like the tank was EMPTY.

Treadmill: 0.5 mile jog, 0.5 mile at 7.9mph, 0.50 mile walk at 4% incline, jog at 1% incline until I hit 2.5 miles. 22:53. Done with the treadmill.

Spin bike: 30 minutes of sweating buckets and increasing the resistance every few minutes. By the end, I felt like I was biking through molasses up to my waist. It was slow and my poor legs were already super fatigued. And I was reading a magazine at the time, so every time I turned the page, I would up the speed of my pedaling (eventually as I kept reading, I would naturally pedal more slowly).

OK, I was finally DONE.


Here is something interesting I was reading from Women’s Health magazine:


That’s right! We are on the top of the 10 best cities in the nation (and I know San Jose was #1 in a different magazine). Partly they were saying that people in these cities are not only active (we got bike lanes, running trails, and hiking trails out the wazoo), but it’s also from what we DON’T do. Apparently, there are less smokers and less binge-drinking women in these cities. <— I don’t know how they would really know for sure about that second one, though.

In any case, no matter where you live, I hope you can find a way to live healthfully. I know there are many neighborhoods were access to fresh produce is really tough. There are other areas where going outside for a jog is out of the question because it’s just too dangerous. If all you can do are push-ups and jumping around in your own house, do what you gotta do.

[Ever since studying Health in Society, I know that there is actually a structural issue with the distribution of wealth (and health that goes along with it). I can probably go on for a loooong time about this, so I’ll just leave it at this… or if a blogger/writer who is more articulate has a post about this, PLEASE DO CHIME IN].


Last night, Joanna and I took the BART to Oakland to watch the Warriors v. Rockets game. We were kind of noobs as far as where to go after getting off the BART, but luckily, we were able to just follow the FAT LINE OF PEOPLE:


Here’s Miss Joanna and me!


And we were sitting in the middle of these guys:


And these guys:


I really liked when there were t-shirts or something coming from the ceiling in little parachutes:


^Actually, you can’t really see a lot of them. Anyways, I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing as they kept coming down.

And here be the actual game:


Jersey #7 for the Rockets= Jeremy Lin. He didn’t score much (mostly free throws) but he got 10 assists. I like him 🙂

It was a close game in the first half… and then the Rockets decided to make all. of. their. 3’s. So by the fourth quarter, it wasn’t that much of a game and people were exiting the stadium early.

OH, WELL! Still enjoyed the experience and I’m so glad my roommate got to go with me (though she had attended some free Clippers games in the Staple Center, it was even before they had Blake Griffin… so they le sucked). She said this was (what she considered) her first real NBA game.


It’s the beginning of LENT, with today being Ash Wednesday! I’ll tell you about my Lenten commitments in the next post.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

[Edited to add: check out skinnyrunner to enter into a Click Espresso giveaway!]

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