Work It Wednesday

I got to work out my upper body yesterday. My legs were actually pretty sore from Tuesday’s fast-ish day (I guess running 7:00 per mile instead of 8:15 will do that to ya).

Kept it simple, but TOUGH. Pull-ups/chin-ups and push-ups. Simple.. but mighty tough, I tell ya! I wasn’t feeling as strong for some reason, so I could only do two chin-ups followed by 6 “walk-the-planks” for 5 sets (40 moves for the back). Then I did 6 sets of 10 push-ups.

That’s 100 moves for the upper body. I did my usual burnouts, but the 3 pounders are really too light now. Then again, I know a lot of people use NO weights and just squeeze with each rep.

Oh, and I did the 15-ish minute AbRipperX and five extra minutes of plank variations (such as toe taps, jumping jack planks, low-to-high plank).

And I decided to try what are called “toe-to-bar’s“.

Operative word being “TRY”.

I actually watched a different video and tried it the hard way… and no, my freaking toes got nowhere close to the bar. I just had my knees go to my elbows. I’m definitely going to incorporate this move into my core work routine. I think it will also help my back and forearms get stronger, too.

For yesterday, I just had 5 sets of 5 knees-to-elbows.

And when I do it, I will brag all about it, HEHE.


Last night, Joanna and I went to the school track and walked around while we chit-chatted away. It was actually a pretty good speed-walk and perfect for my sore legs. In total, we covered 4.75 miles! And the time definitely flew by!

We’re thinking of doing that pretty regularly when the weather is nice (instead of driving over to the gym).


Made something fantastical today:



1 scoop Vega One Protein Powder

2 tbsp Coconut milk (I think?)

1 egg

1 baked sweet potato

1 huge handful of spinach.

Wow. I put too much spinach:


The liquid had a tough time making to down because I packed the spinach in there.

I was still able to get it blended and put it into a cup and then microwaved it for about 2.5 minutes.


It kind of has texture like a souffle… except I know real souffles are hard to make, so I don’t know what to call it.

I wanted to be fancy and have it in a nice, neat mold in the bowl…

and ended up making it look like weird green poop.


The one I made this morning was made with a banana instead of a sweet potato. It makes it super sweet and this souffle thing is a great protein-filled breakfast to start the day!




Joe and I will be celebrating it some time this weekend. Nothing big. We’re simple folk). Have a wonderful Thursday!

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