I had a weird love-hate thing going on yesterday at the gym.

At certain times, I loved these guys:


And then at times, I super hated them. I liked the 35.2 pounder for one-arm kettlebell swings (as a warm-up). Then I got all crazy with this:

Personalized Map_02

That’s right. Do 25 kettlebell swings (two arms) followed by 25 box jumps (make sure you stand all the way up when you get on top of the box). I did them back-to-back and took a full minute break after each set of box jumps. I also took super short breaks along the way while doing the jumps.

I didn’t want to be so tired that I would trip and then break my face. That probably would have ruined my day.

It was so insanely difficult! But I felt so great afterwards!!! That’s 100 KB swings and 100 box jumps total. 

I also decided to throw in some squats because the squat rack was free… and I love squats.

I kept it easy with these three sets:

95# for 16 reps,

115# for 10 reps,

and another 115# for 10 reps (knees shaking near the end).

Then I went over to the treadmill:


I was going to keep it very VERY easy, but ended up increasing the pace until I felt at least comfortably hard. I started at 7.1 mph and just kept increasing as I saw fit and found that 7.6 mph and 7.7 mph was a nice comfortably hard pace (I think that translates to 7:53 and 7:47 per mile).

The incline was at 0.5% the whole time. Nice, short, easy run. 4 miles in 32 minutes (8:00 pace average). 

Then I went to the spin bike and pedaled for 10 minutes while increasing the resistance every couple of minutes.

I was in the gym about 70 minutes and fueled up right after with this protein souffle thing.


Decided to try to do more yesterday so that today can be an easy core day or a nice yoga day. I have a half marathon tomorrow and I’ll actually be arriving in Fremont at 6:00 a.m. to volunteer for a bit and then run the half when it starts at 8:00 a.m.

My only goal is to try to average a sub-8:00 pace. The left shin is actually feeling a bit sore, but I hope rolling it out today will help.


I have also been nominated by transcendingborders for A Very Influential Blog Award!

There aren’t many rules except that I just have to nominate six other bloggers within six months who I find to be very influential:


As always, I really encourage everyone to share their stories. It’s really amazing how different we are and YET we can all be brought together for our love for the same activity (RUNNING), the same lifestyles (FIT AND STRONG), or the same person (JESUS). Whatever your passion is and whatever you want to share with the world… DO IT.

I truly enjoy so many blogs because I always learn new things (or just plain ol’ find them entertaining).


There’s still time to enter into the KIND GIVEAWAY!

Hope ya’ll enjoyed your Valentine’s Day… whether it was with someone special or just with heart-shaped candies and chocolates 😉

Have a blessed Friday!

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