Marathon Training Hath Beguneth… Again

Okay. You may or may not know about how all my hopes to PR at my previous marathon kind of went up in flames (or more like down the drain… because of all the rain, HAHA).

Well, I have three marathons on my calendar for this year.

April 28th will be the Big Sur Marathon. 

May 26th will be the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon. 

November something will be the Maliubu Marathon. 

The Big Sur Marathon is actually going to be my “long training run” for the M2B Marathon. I hope to PR there! And the biggest thing to getting that flippin’ PR (which right now is 3:40 from my first marathon) is to not get injured. 

ITB problems have been in my repertoire for whenever I train for marathons. I used to think it was from the weird way I sit, but I think it’s more because of high mileage weeks and weight gain during marathon training.

I should actually have started some kind of training plan earlier, but I am 13 weeks out and now is a good a time as any to start.

I’ll be following the plan from the Runner’s World Complete Book of Women’s Running:


I followed it pretty closely for my first marathon (oh, except skipping all the track sessions, HAHA), and it gave me pretty good results. Since I will actually try not to be a wimp about the track sessions, I’ll try to actually follow the plan pretty closely. I won’t beat myself up for going off of it a bit or taking a rest day when I feel pooped.

WISH ME LUCK. 13 weeks to goooooo

… Speaking of “13”, I have two half marathons this weekend. I am running one on Saturday with Esther (her first half ever!), and the second one will be on Sunday for the NorCal Half in Fremont (I had a free entry for this one from volunteering).

I will NOT be racing in either of them. Since I ran a half marathon last weekend, too, I’m not looking to PR or anything. I just want to have fun and work hard without getting too burnt out. The only half marathon I actually RACE is the San Jose RnR half. I’ve been PR-ing at that one for like four years straight.

Oh, crap. I just jinxed myself.


Meals in a bowl!

Breakfast was a green protein thing:


^(I ended up having to microwave this one a bit longer since the middle was still kinda wet)

This one had a huge handful of spinach, a sweet potato (with the skin), half a banana, a scoop of protein powder, and like 2 tbsp of coconut milk.


My Chococat bowl was quite happy. And dang… it was still pretty dark when I was eating breakfast!

And for dinner, I ate UGLY SOUP


Actually, I guess all soup is kinda ugly, so I ate SOUP.

This had some marinated chicken breast, carrots, cabbage (OMG, I think I love cabbage for soups, holy moly), and some of that TJ’s Low Sodium Butternut Squash soup.

Haha, ok, so I cheated because the TJ’s soup, hehe. Anyways, it had lots of protein and veggies, and I ate it with a sweet potato on the side.


And I ate it out of my giant “Tea” cup.

Yesterday’s workout:

Spin bike: warm up for 20 minutes. Ooh, nice and sweaty already.

Treadmill: (0.5% incline) Start at 7.5 mph and increase by 0.1 mph every mile. I was only going to do 5 miles. Well for some reason, the treadmill STOPPED on me while I had a nice rhythm going at 7:47 pace (18:01 minutes, 2.28 miles). Time to switch to a treadmill that won’t stop randomly

Treadmill #2: (0.5% incline) Started again at 7.7 mph, which is 7:47 pace. I increased it 0.1 mph for two more miles after that for a total of 3 miles in 22:34 (I kind of booked it at the last part up to like 8.5 mph… finish strong).

[Total miles is 5.28 miles in 41:02]

Spin bike: cool down for 15 minutes.

The walk back to my house after a workout like this is the best. Gotta love those endorphins!


WOO HOO IT’S FRIDAY! Have a wonderful weekend!

11 responses to “Marathon Training Hath Beguneth… Again

  1. My boyfriend just looked at your green protein thing and said “gross” …hahah
    Anyways, your crazy! 3 marathons in one year!!!! YOU GO GIRL!

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  3. I just found your blog, and I love it! I’ll be at the M2B and Malibu, too (only I’ll be SUPing the Malibu)! See you there!

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