NorCal Half Marathon- I Love My Running Group

Yesterday was SOOOO exciting! I woke up early to get ready to head out to Fremont for the NorCal Half. Having been sleep-deprived for a while, it was a little more difficult that usual.

“This is how I’m going to catch the flu…” I thought, as I prepped my coffee, then headed out.

As I was driving, I was given more energy and excitement because I knew I was going to see all my Running Addicts friends!

It was a beautiful day for a race!


And I looked for the Running Addicts Pacing tent to see some familiar faces. Amy snapped a picture of me in front of the tent 😀

runnin addicts norcal

Since I had just covered 13.1 miles with Esther the day before, I knew I wasn’t going to race this one either. I also wanted to stick with a pace group because I wanted to learn what the pacers did and learn how to stay on pace. I decided to go with the 1:55 pacers, Linh and Chad!


OMG, these guys were SO GREAT. Not only were they pacing, but they were telling stories to keep them entertained (hahaha one of the runners called in the Linh podcast–> Linhcast), they were allowing the runners to just think about the running instead of all the times, they were calling out about bikes and potholes to warn the runners, and they were taking turns to hold the sign (the one “resting” would be busy snapping pictures, supporting runners, and grabbing stuff to drink).

I learned SO MUCH about being a runner. Sure, it can be a “selfish” activity, but yesterday, I saw just how selfLESS it can be! The Running Addicts are genuinely nice, and super encouraging. I was so proud to be a part of the group
running addicts norcal 1

Near the end of the race, there were a few people who dug deep and were able to start pushing passed the 1:55 pace. I told them I would be their rabbit, to ensure that they would finish well under 1:55. They said LET’S DO IT.

(Now, if I was an official pacer, this would be against the rules! I love that every pacer must come in within a minute of their pace time. I’ve been at other races where the pacer is “feeling good” and decides to just run the race by him/herself, waaay faster than their pace time. Just sayin’).

So I went with a few peoples right here and cheered them toward the finish:


^BTW, the girl here at the front was running her first half! Lisa did amazingly and got to finish strong with her husband and son waiting at the end 😀

It was such a wonderful experience to be able to run with these runners and I’m so glad that they all finished with us (or in front!).


Know what’s crazy? The pacers weren’t done yet. They headed back out to do a cool-down, which included going back out on the course to cheer on more runners and take pictures of the other pace groups. Can you believe how encouraging and awesome they are??

I checked out the finish area stuff a bit, but then had to get going because I had to get ready for church.





I’m SO excited about being a pacer at the Western Pacific Half Marathon in May. Seeing how happy all the finishers were, and how supportive everyone is, it’s really going to be a great experience.

Even better? It’s on a Saturday (as most Brazen Races are). That means I can stick around and go for a “cool-down” where I cheer on and run with the other pacers and pace groups. YAAAAY!


Do you run with a running group?

What is something that being a runner has taught you?

12 responses to “NorCal Half Marathon- I Love My Running Group

  1. i’m so jealous! i’m from the Bay Area but didn’t pick up running until after i left… i can’t wait to come back for a visit and do some races. great post!

  2. Thank you SO much Michelle! You really helped me get my head back in the game when I was starting to flag yesterday. I am VERY proud of my first half and crossed the finish line thinking “hmmmm..I bet I could do that 18 mile Serena”! You are the best unofficial pacer EVER and I’d love to run another event with you again. 🙂


  3. You were such an amazing unofficial pacer! You kept my head/heart in the race when I started to flag at the end. Thank you from the bottom of my running shoes to the top of my bandanna for that! I was able to cross that finish line strong, with a smile on my face and the thought of “hmmmmm..I bet I COULD do that 18 miler in May”. Love that you gave me a shout out on here. I hope to run again with you some time. You ROCK! Lisa B

    • Yes, you can certainly do the 18-miler in May! I’m not “allowed” to race that one since I have a full marathon a little later (beloved taper), but I’m thinking of going anyways and running with some of the people near the end (not running IN the race, of course). And taking pictures… we’ll see 😉

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