Nutrition Changes

I learned something very interesting about my diet.


How did I learn that? Well for one of my kinesiology classes, it’s a requirement for us to go see the nutrition counselors (they check our risks for certain diseases, take waist and hip measurements, height, weight, BP.

Everything was good. Then we sat down and looked at what I ate during one of my busiest days.

Turns out, I’m not eating enough grains/carbs and too much protein (thanks to those protein pancakes and whatnot).

Fruits and veggies? I do plenty fine (except she said if I were to increase one of these, I could use a little less fruit and some more veggies… only because fruit still has lots of sugar).

For one of my other classes, I actually need to be recording what we eat for two whole weeks. SAY WHAT. I don’t know about you, but it gets hard to record everything I’m eating for even a whole day!

I decided to also record everything in an online calorie-tracker. I’m kind of curious how many calories I consume and the breakdown of all my nutrients, meaning where are my calories coming from? Carbs? Protein? Fat?

As a long distance runner, I need to be consuming plenty of good carbs. I don’t mean five face-sized pancakes every morning… but it also means that if I make my protein stuff because it’s actually lacking in grains.

Paleo peoples don’t eat grains, I know… but I’m thinking that it could be part of my problem with my flagging energy, overeating, and weird cravings these days (aside from giving up dessert for Lent).

Every meal will include protein, grains/”good” carbs, and fruits/veggies. I’ll put up some of my daily meals (which should be adjusted depending on my workouts).


My heart was kind of broken when she told me that I have to choose between lifting heavy and marathon training. 

She said that independently, they are great goals. Everyone should be lifting weights to build muscle and training their endurance. However, with a BIG goal like a full marathon, I need to be lighter. If I was doing super short, power races (like in track), I could do with some muscle. However, the elite marathoners are teeny tiny because pounds will slow you down for really long distances.

I kind of knew that already. I just didn’t want to accept it… but since I finally got someone to make it clear that those goals antagonize each other, she said I could choose to be okay in both, or to put one goal aside temporarily and be excellent in the other (marathon PR!).

“FINE,” I says… while holding back tears.

Haha, I joke.

Anyways, I’ll be staying away from squatting super heavy and lifting heavy. I’m still going to do my chin-up/back workouts with the pull-up bar and continue doing push-ups. Core work is something I do all the time, so there’s no problem there.

I’ll focus on not building too much muscle until I get that marathon PR.

Pretty sure if I do trail running and hill repeats, I’ll get the right kind of muscles anyways. It’s like weight training without the weights… or the bulk. I don’t know.

[BTW, I’m not a certified trainer or nutritionist. You gotta be sure to check with your physician that you can participate in new activities, and ask about changes to your diet. Everyone is different, so you gotta do what’s right for you!]


What did my training plan call for? Well, it was actually supposed to be a track session yesterday and an off day today, but I switched things around and went with my tempo workout. 

3 w/u miles, 3 tempo miles, and 2 c/d miles.

Okay. If it was me last year, I would have wimped out on those tempo miles.

The key is the keep the warm-up as a warm-up (duh) and not go out too fast. I put the treadmill incline at 0.5% and then put it at 6.9 mph. Uncomfortably slow. By mile 2, I wanted to speed it up, but I held back. I knew that when it came to the tempo miles, I would greatly appreciate that decision.

After three slow miles, I increased the speed to 7.9 mph (7:35 pace). I would have to hold this speed for 3 miles.

I did not just choose an arbitrary speed. It’s actually from this site. Msfitrunner actually let us know about that site. It’s pretty awesome (you put in a recent time from a race, and it can give you a pretty good plan for workouts for various different training runs, as well as predict the times for other distances).

Anyways, the site said that for my tempo runs, the range should be 7:20-7:36.

[If I was doing tempo intervals, the pace would have to be between 7:13 and 7:27. Maybe next time].

I did it. 3 miles w/u at 8:41, 3 miles at 7:35, and then 2 miles varying from 8:41 to 7:47 <— near the end, I just wanted the run to be over, so I finished off the last two a bit faster than I should have. It’s okay because I have about a 0.30 mile walk back to my house from the gym.


^Sorry about the blurry pic. It’s 8 miles in 64:37. 0.5% incline all the way through.

This workout gives me confidence to keep doing the training runs as they appear on the plan (and not to think that I won’t be able to complete them).

Let’s just hope I feel the same way when it comes to the track sessions.


Dang. What a productive Wednesday! I’m so incredibly proud of myself 😛

3 responses to “Nutrition Changes

  1. Woo. I’m so glad SOMEBODY is jumping on this bandwagon with me. You **DO NOT** need to eat protein powder to be healthy. My doctor actually advised me against it. It’s dangerous! I don’t believe in diets. I love my carbs, I eat protein at at least two meals, and I definitely get my fats in. I’m glad you’re realizing what your body needs to stay healthy!

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