Food Journal #1

Hi there!

Guess what. I actually logged all of my eats (and drinks) from yesterday! Partly it’s because I have to do it for a class, but I figure it can be a good way to look at where my calories and coming from.

If you read yesterday’s post, I was told by the nutrition girl on campus that I was consuming waaaay too much protein. Considering that I am training for a full marathon, I should be focusing on carbs and leaning down instead of bulking up with weight lifting and lots of protein (DUHR… I kind of knew that already, but I just like lifting).

Anyways, here is my food journal from yesterday:


Haha, I should have done it like one of those WIAW posts, but I didn’t take a picture of any of it… except for my dinner:


^Would have looked nicer if the sides of the bowl were clean. Oh, well. It was delicious.

I entered all of this on an online food and fitness journal (mine is from Everyday Health) and found that it was around 1,700 calories.

Carbs: 191 g (pretty good)

Protein: 79 g (right on track).

Fat: 68.65 (apparently over my “budget” by almost 13 g. Dang PB).

Sugar: 55g (over by 25 g)

Yeah. That last one was a real shocker. This isn’t even one of my heavy sugar days!!! But I think most of those sugars are coming from the fruit I eat. I want to say that it’s okay, because I’m not consuming a lot of things with too much added sugar (except for the Clifbar mini had like 9g of sugar).

Oh, and my cinnamon raisin bread has high fructose corn syrup. Yum.

… Okay, I won’t get the cheap generic bread next time. Or if I go to TJ’s, I know they have some super bland bread I can get, hehe.


There’s a slight “danger” in looking at the numbers and calories, when it comes to me.

I won’t get carried away, but I think this is a good opportunity to learn about my food consumption. I would never have known I was having too much or too little of something unless I wrote it down and took a good look at it (with someone who knows more about nutrition).

At the same time, I decided not to go on a chips-eating bonanza because I did not want to have to put that in my food log. It kind of keeps me accountable, which is nice.


Have an awesome Thursday!

Do you keep a food journal? 


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