How is Lent Going? and Food Journal #2

It’s Friday! Woo hoo 😀

I wanted to tell you about how my Lenten commitments are going.

Giving up dessert sucks. Giving up alcohol? Well I wouldn’t say that’s very difficult because I don’t drink much, but once in a very while, I feel like having a beer… and for some reason, I’ve been wanting one every Saturday. Oh, well.

The other ones are spiritual practices that I want to instill into my daily living (or at least hope to incorporate more of, even after Lent).

Waking up at 6 a.m. each day to start the day with prayer and my Scripture reading has been tough on some days, but kind of manageable, as long as I go to bed early.

Yesterday was an awesome day because the night before, I tucked myself into bed around 9:00 p.m.!!! I watched some shows and got real sleepy about a half-hour in… and drifted off to sleep probably around 9:40 p.m.

[I’m like my mom. If I’m warm and comfortable in my blankets, you put on something for me to watch and I’ll be sleeping by the end of it :P]

Praying daily is actually something I had to schedule into my morning. Before the rushing and getting ready for classes, I want to be able to focus on my time with God. Praying doesn’t simply mean giving Him a list of things you need and want. He’s not a freaking genie.

Prayers should also include your praise for who He is, your adoration for what He has done, and thanksgiving (you can also follow the “ACTS” prayer: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication).

Ooh, which reminds me. I don’t confess my sins very often… or like… at all. I will work on that for the remainder of this Lenten period. Hopefully I can start to do that everyday.


On a side note, from Good Friday to Easter Sunday is something like 46 days. Since I’m not giving myself days off on Sundays during this Lent, my not-dessert-eating and such ends on that Monday.

That being said, there’s going to be a Las Vegas trip with Joe, his siblings, and his cousins around that time.

o__O That means I’ll be able to enjoy Las Vegas desserts and dranks omg. HAHA, I think that’s ok.

We’ll see if I can keep up my 6:00am morning prayer stuff during that trip.


Yesterday’s workout called for an easy 4-miler.

I went to the gym and did about 12 minutes of core work with the stability ball first. I haven’t done that in a while, so it burned like crazy.

Then I went to the treadmill and read Shape magazine while running at an easy pace.


^(BTW, how awesome does Jordin Sparks look?! It’s an older issue, but I’m sure she still is keeping the pounds off).

So 4 miles in 33 minutes, 1% incline. 

I started at 8:27 min/mile… but it seemed so slow (which it’s supposed to), and I wanted to just get it over with, so I bumped up the pace by 0.1 mph after every mile. 8:06 min/mile for the last one.

Then I decided to just finish with 15 minutes on the spin bike. I feel like the bike is a great compliment to running. I probably shouldn’t have kept increasing the resistance, though. Oh, well.

Major awesome sweat session, while keeping things relatively easy.


Oops. My legs are sore. Pretty sure that spin sesh was a bad decision.

Here’s my food journal from yesterday (kind of similar to Wednesday):


That came out to about 1,500. Wow, really not as much as usual. To be honest, I do want to lose about 10 pounds. Being that I’d be cutting down on weight lifting as well as watching what I eat (and less protein, more carbs), I think it can be achieved in about 2 months.

Then comes my marathons, and as long as I get my appetite under control during the training runs, I hope not to gain weight this time around.


BTW, with a little bit of my tax refund, I bought myself some really super cute clothes from Ellie.

You can check it out through my link: ELLIE- CUTE WORKOUT CLOTHES.

When I thought about it, even if I bought clothes from Target, it would still be the same price (or not as cute and fancy). Check it out and see if you like what they offer. You get it customized to your sizes and styles, and then you pay $50 to choose a top and bottom.


I may still do some kind of run today as well as my back workouts with the pull-up bar and push-ups.

Hope everyone’s Lenten commitments are going well. Anyone who is planning to make their commitments into habits even after Lent?

7 responses to “How is Lent Going? and Food Journal #2

  1. I still think giving up desserts and all that for lent is really impressive. I was going to do it and decided not to (I’m not very religious) but that’s great for you! I’m glad it’s working out well 🙂

  2. I gave up coffee, and it’s going well! I most likely will start drinking it again because I really enjoy the taste of it!! I’m just glad I didn’t give up dessert/sugar this year.. Did that last year and it was awful! Lol

  3. great post! i love reading my Bible while i have coffee in the morning…it’s just such a nice way to start the day 😀

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