Fartlek Monday

Before I tell you about my awesome fartlek session, let me show you some pictures from over the weekend!

On Saturday, Joe and I went to eat AYCE sushi at Kenzo:


We both kept it pretty tame. I went with a bunch of rolls… because I like to have some seaweed and avocado/cucumber in every bite. We ordered tempura and deep-fried stuff at the end. It was a surprisingly good way to finish off the meal (instead of having to force yourself to eat raw fish when you’re bursting at the seams).


That ended up being some heavy carbo-loading for a not-so-long run.

11-mile flat-to-hillyish run:


I started out in the flat, concrete area and then headed to the trails. I covered 11 miles and 632 ft elevation gain in 1:35:xx, about 8:42 pace.

Oddly enough, my legs were dead-tired at the end. Guess all that white rice didn’t help?

In any case, it was a beautiful morning, and negative splits (which is not surprising since most of the uphill is in the middle and then I get to coast down for the second half).


Sunday night, we ended up indulging again. This time? Thai food!


Pad see ew and BBQ pork. Omg, so good. All I wanted that night was NOODLES, and that totally hit the spot.

I had a pretty carb-heavy weekend (lots of late-night yogurt and granola snacking, tons of fruits, second helpings on anything with rice or noodles).

Usually, I would judge myself and get bogged down by guilt and shame… but this time, I just recorded everything as accurately as I could, and tried to write it without judging myself for it.


It happened. I’ve moved on. Now I just have to start fresh. Each day is gives an opportunity to start fresh… and I started with the breakfast of champs:


2 cinnamon raisin toast with two heaping tablespoons of PB and a super ripe banana.

That breakfast keeps me fueled for a good long while, and allows me to do stuff like this:


My FARTLEK (“speed play”) treadmill session.

After a 1-mile w/u, I went at it with alternating a few minutes at a faster pace and the same number of minutes of recovery (all recovery paces today was at 7.1 mph. It felt like a jog today).

My fastest segments were at the end when I alternated 3 minutes at 8.5 mph (7:03 min/mile) and 3 minutes at 7.1 mph (8:27 min/mile), like 4 times.

The great thing is that I could have done a couple more of those fast segments if I really wanted, but the training plan just said to do “1 hour fartlek”.

It’s kind of nice knowing that I can follow this plan a little more easily this time around. I used to avoid anything speedy in the past, but I must have matured since last year!… or I’m just finally not going to wimp out so much.


Oh, yeah. Before I went to my first class, I also did my usual back workout with the pull-up bar. This time, it looked like this:

Set 1: 4 chin-ups, 4 “walk-the-planks”

Set 2: 4 chin-ups, 4 “walk-the-planks”

Set 3: 3 chin-ups, 5 “walk-the-planks”

Set 4: 2 chin-ups, 6 “walk-the-planks”

Set 5: 2 chin-ups, 6 “walk-the-planks”

(40 total back exercises).

Then 10 push-ups, 6 sets. Still freaking hard.

Then some arm burnouts with 3 pounders, just for fun. But it actually wasn’t that fun because it BURNED.


For dinner, I met up with Tati!


We went to El Farolito, which has inexpensive Mexican food. She got those quesedillas (which were really good, and extremely dense and hearty!).

I ordered these yummy tacos:


Actually, my favorite kind of tacos are just simple street tacos (two layers of corn tortillas, meat, cilantro, onion, some tomato if I want to be fancy, and a squeeze of lime). BUT… I really wanted some avocado on it, so I went with these “super” ones. It was super good.

It is always great to catch up with Tati. We have actually known each other since we were in elementary school. If I were at home, I would totally look for an embarrassing picture of when we were young… which would actually just be more embarrassing for me because I was a super porky kid 😛

… or I was just rotund. 

Anyways, I’m so thankful for blessing me with this friendship with her. She’s really good about calling to hang out and checking up on me here and there :), and since she’s super smart, I always learn something interesting!


Hope you had a good start to the week!

And remember, even if you fall off track somehow (whether it is a fitness/health/diet/life goal, you can always start as a new creation TODAY. Don’t worry about yesterday).

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