What the Whack Treadmill Taught Me

So yesterday was an easy day of running. I was to do just an easy or off day (according to my marathon training schedule).

I started out by doing my core work with the stability ball. I have not done these in a while, so I was shaking/jiggling, needing to take a bunch of breaks to let the lactate clear a bit (it was burning like CRAZY).

After 15 minutes, my entire core was toast. So I went to go to the treadmills to do 4 easy miles.

I got on a treadmill I don’t usually use, and I put the speed at 7.1 mph. That should feel like a comfortable jog/run pace.

NOPE, it felt more like a 7:20 min/mile pace. WTH…

I put the speed down to 6.5 mph, and still felt like it was closer to an 8:20 pace. Later, I put it down even further to 6.0 mph, which should have felt like a crawl, but it felt like a run at 8:45 pace.

That treadmill was whack. 

I know this not only because I know how each pace should feel on the treadmill, but I know pretty well how it should feel outside. 

Some people are insanely attached to their Garmins (LIKE ME HAHA), but it gets to the point where they do not even know by their effort what pace they are running.

For me, I do the guessing game. Taking into account the terrain and wind, I listen to my body, and with my perceived exertion, I can estimate my mile split every time my Garmin beeps. I’m usually pretty freaking close. 

I’ve read that it’s good to leave the Garmin (or other GPS watch) at home sometimes and just run. NOPE, won’t do it, haha. I love to know exactly what I’ve run… but, I do believe it’s good to not be looking down at it all the time. Maybe just run at a certain level of effort (let’s say 70% the entire run), and then just see what the paces turn out to be.

Being that I’ve run for a few years, sometimes, I freak myself out by the paces! I used to see 8:30 and think, “Holy crap! I’m running way to fast! There’s no way I’ll sustain this pace…”

… well, God made our bodies to be pretty strong and capable sometimes. My body got stronger and more efficient, and I’m able to warm up now at 8:30 pace. If I was only running by my level of effort (or RPE), then I would have been pleasantly surprised to find that I can run at a faster pace than I did a few years ago.

It took me a while to allow my body to go for those faster paces. I never give it much credit, but during this training season, I’m trying to actually push it to paces that seemed unfathomable before. Ahaha… and by “unfathomable”, it’s something like sustaining sub 7:30 min/mile for three miles… which may not be anything new for some super fast runners.


During the NorCal Half, I remember talking to Lisa about race pace and freakishly fast runners and stuff.

Though there are runners who have trained (and been blessed) to become extremely elite and efficient runners, in a race, we’re all working the same.

Whether a person giving 95% of their effort has miles splits at 6:00 min/mile OR (on the other hand) the race pace is 6.0 mph, they’re both giving it an incredible amount of work.

As a runner, try not to compare yourself to others. If you’re out there racing, and your race pace is considered a light jog for another runner… WHO CARES?? As long as you know you emptied the tank and gave it your all during that race, you have no choice but to be extremely proud of your accomplishment!

I always say… you should have a small thought of: “Why the heck did I sign up and pay money to torture myself like this??” <— that means that you’re working hard. It should feel uncomfortable! It should feel like hard work!


I’m convinced that this is the best way to start my morning:


Heavy breakfast of cinnamon raisin toast with two heaping tablespoons of peanut butter with a super ripe banana, and my daily devotion. 

I also started out the day with a phone prayer with a girl who does campus ministry. I’ve actually never prayed for and been prayed for over the phone! But hey, why not, right?

Seriously, though. Just like I eat bread in the morning, the WORD should also be your DAILY BREAD.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1. 

Who is “the Word”?

The Word is Jesus… and like one of the girls told me, “Jesus” is all God wanted to say to us. 

That’s why we have to always be looking into Scripture and the Gospels, because that is how we can learn to be like him and know how God wants us to live our lives.

[It’s a whole ‘nother thing to actually start living the life of Jesus. Tough business there, peoples].


Guess what I did?


I dyed my hair magenta.


Just kidding.

I did a mayonnaise hair mask.

As I was putting it in, I was pretty close to gagging. It’s so very incredibly gross (I don’t like mayo… unless it’s well mixed into potato salad and stuff).

I even wondered if this was some kind of mean prank:


^[BTW, I must have been looking for something… that’s why my room is a mess, harhar].

Anyways, it turned out that I bought the wrong mayonnaise. I saw one with olive oil or something, and thought it might be better… but it’s reduced fat! I was supposed to get the full fat one.

Good to know for next time.


Have a blessed day, everyone!

Anything your learning from your QT’s or daily devotions that you want to share?

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