Pull-Up Bar Love and New Cuisines

I love my pull-up bar.

I remember Joe telling me that for getting a strong back, it’s actually good to do longer, slower negatives (so when you are doing lat pull-downs, you pull down the bar and then let it go up super slowly).

That’s pretty much what’s happening with the “walk-the-planks”. You start at the top of the bar and lower your body as slowly as you can.

At first, I couldn’t even do five sets. I got through 2 sets of 8 reps.

Now? I can start each set with at least one pull-up and a couple chin-ups. Here’s how my back workout looked yesterday:

1st set: 1 pull-up (palms away), 3 chin-ups (palms face in), 4 “walk-the-planks”.

2nd set: 1 pull-up, 3 chin-ups, 4 “walk-the-planks”

3rd set: 1 pull-up, 3 chin-ups, 4 “walk-the-planks”

4th set: 1 pull-up, 2 chin-ups, 5 “walk-the-planks”

5th set: 2.5 chin-ups (I held that one at halfway because I couldn’t go up anymore), 5 “walk-the-planks”.

You see how there are all those pull-ups in there? YEAH I KNOW.

But, of course, you don’t see that there is at least a minute or two of rest and recovery between each of those sets.

I actually can’t do two pull-ups in a row anymore, but whatevs. I still know my back is waaay stronger than it has every been. I couldn’t even do one chin-up last year!

That was followed up with 6 sets of 10 push-ups and some burnouts.


Yesterday, Joe came up to San Francisco to hang out with me. He has Spring break this week!

We yelped some places and I wanted to try a 4-star restaurant called Burma Superstar


We ordered the samusas as an appetizer:


And the Rainbow Salad, which is one of the items they are known for:


^”22 different ingredients”!

I should have taken a picture before he mixed it all up though. Oh, well!


And Joe got the braised pork curry:


Yeah. It was GOOD. I really liked the coconut rice, too 🙂

It was our first time eating Burmese cuisine!


^(Joe is going to get his cast off in a week or so! Hope the bones healed nicely).

Anyways, we both liked it a lot! I would totally want to come back and try the Tea leaf salad (which is also an item they are known for).

Then, since we were in the neighborhood, we stopped by at some of the Chinese dim sum places and got some buns and more PORK:


Though I’m not usually into the heavy, fatty, meaty stuff, I really liked this one. Even the crispy skins 🙂


Indulgence was the name of the game yesterday… and this morning (LEFTOVERRRS).

I’m talking myself out of guilt and stuff. “Just move on”, I says.

And it’s done. It’s over. I’ll get back to my workouts and be happy about the restful day I had yesterday! Joe and I watched a several episodes of Running Man and How I Met Your Mother. He had a good day off, and I had an unplanned rest (no productivity) day in the middle of a school week 😛

Now it’s time to get back to work.

Hope ya’ll are enjoying your week! We’re over the hump and the weekend is right around the corner!!

3 responses to “Pull-Up Bar Love and New Cuisines

  1. You can do walll planks! Awesome! I tried them one and fell flat on my face and I’ve been to scared to attempt them again…lol

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