Sweet Tempo Run and A Pretty Package

Check it out. I had a 3-mile tempo run (sandwiched between a 3-mile w/u and 2-mile c/d) on my plan. 

I went out to the gym and got warmed up at 8:34 to 8:27 pace for the first three miles. 

Then when I was at 2.97 miles, I sped up the pace to 7:30 pace (8.0 mph). All I had to do was keep relaxed and breathe. When I got to 4 miles, I sped up to 7:24 pace (8.1 mph). Then for the next one, I sped it up yet again to 7:19 pace (8.2 mph). 

BOOM, 3 mile tempo run done, yo. 

Then I cooled down at 8:00 pace, and 8:04 (I think?) pace. 


8 miles done in 63:XX.

And then I did another 15 minutes on the spin bike… it was more because I had a couple more pages to read in my magazine. 

Anywho, I can’t believe that I have been enjoying these tempo runs. It is quite unlike me to like doing anything that fast (even if that’s not that fast for you, it’s pretty darned fast for me!). PLUS, if I really had to do one more mile at that pace, I could have. I knew I gave it great effort without completely demolishing myself. 



I went home and played with my Vanna bear for a long while. Then when I came in, I saw a pretty pink package sitting on my chair. I knew it was my order from Ellie!



Cute colors, yeah? 

I just tried them on and they’re SUPER comfortable! Best of all? I got those during the month of February for a total of $25. I knew that this was an excellent price because even some of the sportswear at Target or Old Navy would cost more than that (for top and bottom). 

PLUS, I’m a kinesiology major. Everyone pretty much wears workout clothes to classes, haha. It’s awesomeness. 


GUESS WHAT. I’M GOING TO BE A PACER IN APRIL! I’ll be pacing the 2:05 group for the Santa Cruz Half Marathon! Yahoooo 😀

And this morning, I’ll be making my way out to Santa Cruz with some Running Addicts to do a course preview! 

What a great way to spend a Saturday morning, yeah? OMG and my younger brother is on Spring Break (he got in from Atlanta last night!). 

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday 🙂

6 responses to “Sweet Tempo Run and A Pretty Package

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  2. Wow I can’t beleive you can run at 8.0 on the treadmill I tried it once and just about flew off..lol That ellie outfit looks cute! Are you going to wear it on your half?

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