Track Run and Speedwork

OMG, after the extremely indulgent weekend of burgers and fries


… and lots and lots of refills on those steak fries (RED ROBIN)… it was time to get back on track.

Speaking of getting on track, that’s exactly where Joanna (my roommate) and I went last night. I did two miles with her, and then did two more miles, trying to run a pace without looking at the Garmin, based one RPE. I got pretty close.

I tried to run at what felt like an 8:30 pace, and got 8:34. Then for the last mile, I tried to run around 8:20 pace, and got 8:21. BOOM, pretty close, yeah?

Then we walked back home for a cooldown. 4.5 miles total.

Getting a sweat on at 9:30 p.m. is always nice :)… unless I do it by myself. Then it’s just a little scary.


Today, after my first class, I hit up the gym for a my speedwork session.


2 mile warm-up

800m at 8.7 mph to 8.8 mph (I increased it after one lap).

400m recovery.

I repeated those speed and recovery intervals FIVE TIMES.

YEAH, I KNOW. I’m freaking proud of myself.

And btw, the last one, I just 8.8 mph to 9.0 mph.

All that was wrapped up with a 1.25 mile cooldown.

Total: 7 miles in 56:20. 


And since I had some extra time, I decided to finish my magazine article while on the spin bike for 15 minutes. 


One of the things I love about being a kinesiology major… our class got to do yoga during the lab portion of our class. That’s also the class where we run on the track, do step workouts, do some strength and cardio intervals… and it’s normal to wear workout clothes to class (my usual outfit).

Stretching things out today was awesome. My freaking hamstrings are always tight (is that from being a runner?). I need some yoga back in my life!

We’ll see if I can get the roomies to do some yoga with me today 🙂


OMG, easy and yummy post-class meal:


You can’t see it, but I put some of Trader Joe’s spicy black bean dip on those sandwich thins. It’s a good replacement for mayo, I think.


I had a Bible study yesterday with some girls from a local church. Something I realized of myself is that I do not confess my sins daily (or even monthly!).

Why is it that I cannot confess or that I cannot repent right away? Sometimes, it is because I justify my actions of the state of my heart, even though it is sinful. Whatever or whoever is my idol (anything you place higher than God) is what gets the most of my heart. That is why when I do not decide to surrender all I am to Him, then I cannot see as much of His amazing works.

Don’t get me wrong. God is GOD. He is going to be forever, He will be Almighty, Never-ending, and Majestic, whether or not He has me to say it/live it or not. BUT… the fact that this AWEsome God still wants me and cares for me is what humbles me. Who am I that He should care about me? What I have I done to make Him want to always be with me?

I’m no one and I’ve done nothing… but it is in those short-comings and weaknesses and in my nothingness that God can show His strength and power and be everything I need.

So what does this have to do with confession? Well I think being in the presence of holiness makes you recognize sinfulness. Not only will you start seeing it, but you’ll start to become uncomfortable with it… so uncomfortable that you start to have indignation towards it! I hope to be there some day. The sins in my life that create no harm, such as laziness, are the ones that make us idle. It’s the ones that make us produce no fruit.

Sure, we’ll be nice trees with lots of green leaves, but if we’re fruit trees with NO FRUIT, then we’ll become useless! We’re broken!

And confessing anything  and everything is difficult… but why not confess it to The One who is Faithful and whose Love never ends? Also, He’s really good about the confidentiality stuff. He won’t tell anyone! Promise! 😉


I hope you can really search your heart and be able to confess if you’re giving your everything to Our LORD. Confessing that we aren’t there yet is a really tough thing to do.. but it can be the start to something amazing!

Hope your day has been magnificently blessed!

3 responses to “Track Run and Speedwork

  1. That’s a GREAT track workout! I just had one too. I feel like I was beaten to the ground lol

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