Filling Meals- Oh, My Gas

Guess what.

Trader Joe’s has this yummy salad mix stuff that comes with kale, broccoli slaw, cabbage, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, and poppyseed dressing.

I made myself a sandwich and put some of that salad on the side:


I added some asparagus to the salad. And the sandwich was made with a sandwich thin, some spicy bean dip, wilted spinach, and a fried egg. BTW, that egg was so perfectly fried. Nice and gooey yolk was AWESOMES.

And then for dinner, I made some pasta and mixed it up with some of that salad:


I dunno about you, but raw cabbage and broccoli= GAS TO THE MAX for me.

But it was also so very yummy, so it was pretty darned worth it.

Know what’s uncomfortable? Running with a ballooned tummy… but that’s exactly what I did. Went to the track with Joanna to do just a few super easy miles.

We walked to the track, did 3 slow miles, and walked back. 3.6 miles total.

It was funny because it was pretty cold out but we were sweating and hot on the way back to our place.


Ahh, and here is another super filling meal I ate in the morning:


This one was not so gas-inducing. Fried herb potatoes (OMG, so good), two eggs, some garlic, spinach, and about 2 tsp of flax oil (oh, and lots of peppers).


Yeah. As you can see, I’m no culinary genius or chef in the kitchen. Don’t matter. I still like to pretend like I’m good at making stuff in the kitchen. I still think it’s better than going out and buying pre-made stuff (OK, that TJ’s salad mix is totally cheating, harhar). It’s also plenty cheaper, which is good for a student (or anyone on a tight budget).

Hope you have fun in the kitchen, too. It’s a great habit to make food and eat at home instead of needing to buy out or order in all the time. Am I right?


I was supposed to do a tempo run today but got scared because it says “3 w/u, 4 tempo, 3 c/d”. Yeah. I don’t know if I’ll be doing that one tonight or just an easy 5-miler.

Tonight is also supposed to be another Pilates or workout night for me and the roomies.

Again… we shall see. Hope it can all go down 😀

Have a blessed and wonderful Thursday!


6 responses to “Filling Meals- Oh, My Gas

  1. I like to pretend I’m good in the kitchen too… it’s okay, no one REALLY needs to know 🙂

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