Core Work and Doing Nothing

Today’s workout was relatively easy.

I did the second portion of the Insanity Insane Abs video. I skipped the plyo/warm-up part because this San Francisco house is too creaky as it is. I can’t imagine jumping around in it. The noise would be off the charts.

Then I walked to the gym and did some more core work exercises with a stability ball.

stability ball (source)

From that position, I do little circles, tailbone tucks, alternating knee out and up toward ball. It’s a great little change up to the normal floor exercises and gets my entire core (front abs, obliques, back) workout hard!

In high school, I used to think that doing 100’s of crunches would be what gets me a six pack.

Okay, I don’t eat clean enough to have a visible six pack (it’s there… just under a few layers of insulation, hehe), but I know that my core is probably 5 times stronger than it was back then!

After the core work, I hopped on the treadmill for an easy 5 miles. 42:03. Done… and insanely sweaty, for some reason.

I did about 23 minutes on the spin bike, and called it a day.


Ever heard the phrase: “Idle hands are a devil’s playground?”

Well I feel like that these days. With the allure of having Netflix running all freaking day and not as much course work for my current classes, I’ve been pretty idle. Doing no good. Sure I get my workouts in and get my work done, but with all of my free time, I’ve done NOTHING GOOD.

I know I can read more of the Word. Ooh, I should also get into some kind of art project, too. In any case, it has been so scary to think that I am wasting all this time.

This is time that I will never get back, and time that God has given me to do something to bring glory to His name.

No, I am not using this time for something that is explicitly evil… such as drunkenness or gambling away everything I’ve got… but by doing nothing good… in a sense, it’s BAD.

If things are black and white, or dark and light, and I am NOT in the light, then I am in the dark. It’s bad that I get really comfortable being “in the darkness”. Doing nothing. Producing no fruit. 

I believe this all came as a wake up call when I was studying the Word yesterday. We are to bear fruit… bear GOOD fruit. I pray that I can become an abundant fruit-bearer someday soon. I hope you will desire to do the same 🙂


How often do you do core work per week?

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