The Longest Treadmill Run

I guess I kind of hit a treadmill PR today.

Before I tell you how many miles, here is a peak at my  yummy carbo-loading for the day before (though it may not have been the smartest choice):


That’s right. Eaten while sitting on my bed in my sweatpants. I didn’t eat all of them… I ate about a serving from both (which is around 40 to 45 chips). I first ate the BBQ one, and then the sweet potato one. Both are good, and if you accidentally eat the whole bag, it’s like 360 calories… better than eat a huge bag of Kettle chips or something.

I also save one of these bad boys to talk myself into doing a lot run…


It ended up being that I didn’t need it too much because of my awesome carbo-loading. Oh, yeah, I also ate a second dinner of real home-cooked Mexican food (thanks, Joanna’s mom!).

After class, I ate some snacks and drank some more coffee. I usually do long runs outside but it was raining (I’M A WIMP-a-roony-doony), and I was going to talk myself out of a run completely, but I knew that there would be no way I could do a long run in LA or Vegas, so I just dragged my butt to the gym.

I don’t ever recall doing more than 10 miles on the treadmill. Today was going to be the day… every step passed 10 miles would be a new treadmill milestone.

I started somewhere around 7.1 mph (8:27 min/mile), and 0.5%. I went a little bit faster as I got going, and changed the incline around once in a while (between 0.5% and 1.5% ).


At just passed 90 minutes, I hit 11 miles. And then I hit up the bathroom.

I got back on (being sure that there were other treadmills open… I try not to be a hog).

Cranked out 4 more miles:


And there you have it.

15 miles in 2:03:33 (8:14 min/pace). 

Fifteen miles on the darned treadmill made me really appreciate runs like this one. I’d much rather be doing a long run there. Oh, well. It is definitely better than nothing!

And the “varying terrain” was definitely not as bad as actually being out there with more incline and wind and such.

After the 15, I hopped on the spin bike for 10 minutes to do a nice cooldown.

The crazy, sweaty Asian girl finally left after more than 2 hours doing cardio. I kind of hope I don’t have to do that again, but that’s how much I hate running in the rain, haha.


I felt completely drained and empty by the time I walked home (in the RAIN, garsh).

Made myself a nice quesadilla to eat, even though I did not have much of an appetite.


I had that chicken cooking up pretty much all day in the slowcooker. Once I showered up, I just had the tortilla heating up, melting with some cheese, corn salsa, and I shredded the chicken to add at the end. Pretty filling (only ate half!).


Oh, my. I hope my cold does not get worse. I woke up this morning with a little cough and a super sore throat. My body is aching, but I hope it’s just from being tired from the run… and not the flu!

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

How do you talk yourself into working out, even when you super duper don’t feel like it?

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