Gotta Take It Easy

Yesterday’s workout:

The floor-work part of Insanity Insane Abs (25 minutes?). Then 5 easy miles on the treadmill (41:58). And then I came home and did about 12 minutes of yoga stretches. 

What else was cool yesterday? In my Asian American Health Studies class, we had a “Healthy Potluck”:


It was an early dinner. I was just going to take a little bit of each and this is what my plate ended up looking like:


Yeah. It was pretty awesome. Everyone made such delicious things! I only used leftovers to make some quesadillas. I didn’t want to buy a bunch of veggies when I was going to be leaving for home soon after. Anyways, it was so cool because I made some running friends during the class! They agreed to run around the lake with me after Spring break! They don’t even know what they’ve gotten themselves into 😉


I met with the girls for dessert and got to catch up on life’s happenings:


We met at Cafe LaTTea and I salivated as they ate yummy desserts in front of me (not to worry… I knew I was going to be eating desserts in Vegas!). 

It was so great to chat and laugh together. I’m so blessed to have these sisters in my life!


After my 5-mile run yesterday, I realized that I was at 35 miles for the week (from Monday to Thursday). I made a big goal last night to get over 50 miles for the week (I’ve never broken 50 miles before. I’ve been in the high 40’s a lot though). 

BUT… I’m sick. I could barely sleep two nights ago because of my stuffed up nose and constant need to sneeze. 

It could possibly have been allergies that progressed to a sinus infection or something, but the postnasal drip and phlegm is NOT cool. 

will be going hiking with Esther and Josh, so I guess I’ll leave it as an easy mileage day. MAYBE. I might hit up the gym if I’m feeling up for it afterwards 😛 (perhaps a stupid thing to do, but… we’ll see). 


Joe, Josh, Esther, and I will be leaving for SoCal tonight! And then with their four cousins, we will be heading out to Vegas on Sunday!


Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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