Vegas-ing Like Crazy

Okay, I take it back. None of us are too wild. We are Vegas-ing like responsible persons.

I didn’t get to share how the eight of us got to go to see the Cirque du Soleil show LOVE (The Beatles):



I really liked it! Joe and the boys were expecting a lot more dangerous stunts and such. This one only has one segment that was like that… not that they didn’t like it. Everyone was quite entertained.

The only thing is that we watched it at 9:30pm after such a long day and we were all like this by the end –> (o___O )

There is a LOT going on and it’s hard to look at every single thing. In any case, it was sooooooo pretty and the music was great!


It was also nice that this show was in the Mirage, which is where our free room was.


Since we all went to bed so late, we slept in until about noon. We went to the Wynn Buffet and ended up staying for about 2 hours. We got to have some of the lunch stuff (weak. Totally not worth the monies), and then at 3:00pm, they brought out all the dinner stuff (worth it if you pay the lunch prices!).



I had probably way too much of the butternut squash and roasted beets salad, but I don’t care. And that meatloaf on the picture above was SUPER yummy! There was some unpictured shrimp cocktail and fish, too.

And, of course, dessert:


From left to right: bread pudding, apple cobbler, pecan pie, and mango tapioca. I ended up eating two little scoops of vanilla gelato with some of this, but I could not finish it all. I was way too greedy with the sweets.

We were extremely stuffed (Joe looks mad, but it was just the discomfort from his full belly):



After this colossal buffet lunch/dinner, some went shopping and some went to take a nap. I decided to hit the gym!

(Don’t worry. It took more than an hour to walk around and let the food digest before I went to go get sweaty).


8 miles, in just over 66 minutes. I kind of did a fartlek (“speed play”), changing the speed every few minutes. My base/recovery pace was 7.1 mph (8:27 pace).

Spin bike: 

22 minutes, increasing the resistance to the end.

I felt soooo much better after this workout. I haven’t really been hitting the weights much, even though I should. I have gotten extremely fluffy these days… bleh.

Oh, well.


Later on, a few of us walked to the Venetian to look for the Bouchon bakery. Turns out we got some old macarons or imposters. They should NOT bet breaking like that.


… but they still tasted really yummy (pistachio and orange cream?).

And when all 8 of us were together, we had some champagne:


Garsh. It’s going to be sad to say “goodbye” to this room!



Okay. I want to share about a super yummy restaurant we went to last night, but I’ll probably share that tomorrow :).

Hope you are having a wonderful Holy week!

2 responses to “Vegas-ing Like Crazy

  1. I really just want to go to Vegas for the food. Nothing else. This looks like an incredible trip though!

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