The Recovery That Was NOT

If you have tried the Insanity videos, then you know that the “Cardio Recovery” video is sooo not recovery. I guess it’s low-impact and such, but some of those moves just leave me with burning quads and an incredible amount of lactic acid build up!

So yesterday, after I did some Chem homework, I decided to do a workout that would let my legs rest (they were sore already).

I did the usual pull-up workout and 4 sets of 10 push-ups. The push-ups were super duper tough because it has been a long time since I have done them.

Then I did my usual arm burnouts. It super duper burned.

I chose the “Cardio Recovery” from the Insanity series, remembering that it would be tough, but that I should get a good stretch out of it.


This section where you do slow squats, low pulses, and then hold it in the low squat for what seems like 5 minutes… MEAN. Good, Lord. My quads and inner thighs were on FIRE! I don’t know why my butt wasn’t feeling anything. I guess it’s because my butt is stronger than my quads? I dunno.

So anyways, I still got to stretch out my hammies, which was really nice. They are always tight from running.


This morning I woke up to incredibly sore upper body muscles. Also, my glutes. Yowza!

Plan today is to do some easy running. I don’t know for how long, but I just need to get my butt out there to log some miles.

This SUNDAY is also going to be exciting because I will be a pacer for the first time ever! I’ll be pacing the 2:05 group for the Santa Cruz Half Marathon!

Check out this post to see how scenic the course is. I’m looking forward to running it again :). Also, the Running Addicts (the members in my running group) are such cheerful people who are glowing with the light of kindness and endorphins. They are also very experienced and super good with pacing. I hope to uphold that reputation this Sunday!

run sc

^(Picture courtesy of Linh).


In a race, have you ever run with the pace group leader(s) for the whole race? Or the majority of a race?

5 responses to “The Recovery That Was NOT

  1. I’ve never run with pacers before, but I feel like it would be fun. OR I would get anxious trying to keep up haha!! Good luck with that race!

  2. Thanks for commenting on my SR post… and two things.
    1. i honestly love your blog name and wish i could steal it as my thighs are definitely more thunderous 🙂
    2. i am pacing my first race this weekend too!
    I think that makes us internet besties 🙂 Happy to find a new blog

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