My New Diet

… Well, actually… it’s not really a diet.

I read something in Fitness magazine that got my attention:


The Anti-Diet. If you  know about my history of eating disorders from high school, then you know that my relationship with food is a little more complicated than the average person.

In my mind, there are always “good” and “bad” foods. That means that the “bad” foods not only come with fat, sugar, and more calories, but also big helpings of guilt and shame. Though I shouldn’t make a huge deal about what I eat, which sounds simple enough, it is actually really difficult for me to do. Luckily, I have been able to get over the whole bulimia stuff after binges, I still go kind of wild on “bad” foods.

The article talked about how one woman used to binge on a pint of ice cream, and instead of nixing it completely, she stocked her freezer with ten pints of ice cream in her favorite flavor.  She said, “It lost its sparkle… I knew at that point that ice cream- or any food- no longer had an unhealthy grip on me.”

WOW. That sounds awesome to me.

Of course, the article definitely went on to talk about how it won’t fix things overnight because it is a journey. I’m sure in the beginning, I’ll go a bit wild… but I hope that I can just learn to eat the right portions of everything. It’s not like I won’t eat salads anymore. I actually do love salad, fruits, and veggies!

I just hope that when I give myself permission to eat however much of whatever I want, I will be able to find those certain foods less tempting and that it’ll lose its power.

We’ll see. Perhaps I’ll gain ten pounds before I get everything down… perhaps.


Yesterday’s workout:


3 miles warm up (8:41 pace)

3 miles TEMPO (7:32 ish pace)

3 miles cool down (8:13 ish pace)

Total: 9 miles in 73 minutes. 


It was done with 0.5% to 1% incline.

I have not done a real training run since before Las Vegas (mostly because I got sick at that time). It was nice to finally do something according to my schedule.

What this also meant was that I was TIRED for that tempo. Apparently, I was also ready to go all out with the cardio because after the cooldown, I hopped on the spin bike.

Spin bike: 20 minutes, increasing resistance until it feels like I’m waist-deep in molasses.

When I got home, I did about 15 minutes of Pilates for the lower body and my gluteus medius and minimus got owned.

Now my whole body is sore, from my shoulders, back, and chest to my blistered, nasty toes.


My plan for today is an easy run with a classmate. We’ll be running around Lake Merced this morning. I hope to keep it a regular thing!

Have a wonderful day and I hope you bless those who are around you today!

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