Running Buddies

I love to do training runs on my own. I don’t like the pressure of having to keep up with someone who is much faster than men, nor do I want to hold myself back from challenging myself.

And then there is every other run. I like to have a running buddy or two… or five.

Being a part of the Running Addicts is pretty awesome for weekend long runs (pic courtesy of Linh):

running addicts1

And during the week when I’m at school? Well I have gotten my roommie to run with me:


And before Spring break, I talked to some of my classmates and found that they wanted to run with me! YAY!

Kayla was able to run around Lake Merced with me yesterday morning, and I was so happy to find another running buddy πŸ™‚


She was a cross country runner in high school, so I know she is a runner deep down. Since she hadn’t been on a run like this in a couple years, we took it easy and did a nice walk-run. 5.5 miles total (4.5 miles around the lake and 0.5 mile w/u and c/d each).

If you need motivation to get out there and get movin’, make plans with a fitness buddy! If it hadn’t been for Kayla, I would not have gone out. It was kind of cloudy and bleh… but I’m so glad we got to run around the lake together! Plus, she said that she’s down to run with me regularly! YAAAAY!


Joanna and I were going to run around the track yesterday, but decided all us roommies should just get fro-yo instead.


I actually didn’t finish my fro-yo. It was yummy, but it was so incredibly sweet. Normally, I would be Β fine with it, but now that I have actually just given myself permission to eat whatever I want, I just stopped after I had enough.


And as you can see, I am REALLY bad at taking pictures with my phone.

Anywho, the frozen yogurt had plain tart, strawberry, and peach raspberry. Toppings were chocolate-covered sunflower seeds (the best topping ever), sweet red bean, almonds, granola, mangoes, and kiwi.

Yum, and I’m glad that I was able to stop after I had enough (meaning that I only left like three or four bites, haha).


The weather is kind of BLECH today. I don’t know if I’ll be treadmilling or lifting weights. I’m not “supposed to” be lifting, but I really want to do squats and DL’s.

Haven’t decided yet. It’s never fully decided until I get there. Whatever it is, I hope I have a good workout πŸ˜‰


Do you have running/workout buddies? Or do you prefer to run/workout solo all the time?

7 responses to “Running Buddies

  1. My running buddy is my boyfriend! I love running with him becasue I feel 100% comfortable, and he’s just oh so sweet enough to run at my turtle pace! Lately though I have been doing a lot of my runs alone because he lives so FARRR. I do enjoy my solo runs too though!

  2. Running with somebody makes EVERYTHING better. I was actually thinking about writing a post about this in the next couple weeks! Long runs feel so boring now when I do them alone!

  3. Just went for a run with my running buddy πŸ™‚ Her name is Amy, she is great! We run at the same pace. Like you, I don’t like to run with others mostly for the same reasons, but with Amy, we are kind of at similar fitness levels, I don’t enjoy a run if I have to be pushed into playing catch up, and if a run is not enjoyable, it goes against everything I stand for/run for lol πŸ™‚

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