I Did It!

I will go into details about pacing the Santa Cruz Half Marathon for the 2:05 pace group.

For now, I’ll just share some highlights! I had a co-pacer with me (Erica):


I was extra nervous during the start because it was my first time pacing!


Having Erica to co-pace with me was so much better than if I had to do this by my lonesome:


The course was SO beautiful and the weather was perfect for a race:


The course was short, so I finished more than 30 seconds below my 2:05 goal (thanks, Linh, for warning us about the short course!). I think I’m allowed to say I did pretty well for the first time around πŸ™‚


BTW, since I did squats and crap on Friday, I ran with major DOMS. Now I’ll be walking funny for the rest of the day.

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday!

7 responses to “I Did It!

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  2. Thanks for giving back to the running community! I don’t think people realize how many volunteers are needed to run a race. Great Post!

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