I Got Stuck On the Ladder

Hey. Have you ever done a “ladder” workout? It can be with running speed or weights or reps of a certain move… but I did a ladder workout on the treadmill. 

I simply increased the speed by 0.2 mph after each mile.

Mile 1: 7.1 mph

Mile 2: 7.3 mph

Mile 3: 7.5 mph

Mile 4: 7.7 mph

Mile 5: 7.9 mph

[I was going to just go back down the ladder, all the way to 7.1 mph… but this is how it turned out]:

Mile 6: 7.7 mph

Mile 7: 7.7 mph

Mile 7.25: 7.7 mph

And for the last three minutes, I increased 0.2 mph until I hit 8.3 mph and 60 minutes:


7.63 miles in 1 hour. 

I don’t know why I got “stuck” at 7.7 mph, but it just felt like a nice speed. I was definitely not “cruising”, but it was not a difficult pace to stay on.

I just wish that the TV in front of us stayed one the Knicks v. Heat game. A girl came by and changed it to Pawn Stars. SO BORING. I finished my magazine too quickly, so I had to just try to watch the show or stare at the wall.

Loved this workout! I’m surprised I was able to run for the whole hour considering that I did a total of 15.5 miles on Sunday (2.5 mile cooldown jog after the half marathon).


I also did my Pull-up workout, 6 sets of 10 push-ups, and shoulder burnouts.

Perhaps I need to do something else to change up this routine? But then again… I still le suck at push-ups.


SF is incredibly windy right now, but the sun is out and it’s a beautiful day. I’ll be getting my butt to out there to run soon enough.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

2 responses to “I Got Stuck On the Ladder

  1. Nice job! Maybe your body is just better equipped to do speedier runs now! I say go with it if it feels right 🙂

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