Tempo and Track Tuesday

Since it’s still pretty windy here in SF, I decided to take my thunder thighs to the treadmill.

Actually, even on a nice day, I have to do tempo runs on the treadmill… just to be sure I’m pushing myself.

Started out with a nice warm-up at 8:27.

Did 1.5 miles before realizing I needed to go pee.

Got back on and did another 1.5 miles at 8:27, then kicked it up (down?) to 7:35 pace (7.9 mph) for the first tempo mile. Then I did 8.0 mph (7:27) for the next temp0 mile, 8.1 mph (7:20 pace) for the following tempo mile, and another tempo half mile at 8.3 mph (7:13).

3.5 tempo miles (average 8.05 mph). I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do 3 or 4 tempo miles… so I just stuck to the middle. I think it was the perfect amount.


I did one cooldown mile at 8:20 pace.

With the inclusion of the 1.5 mile w/u in the beginning, I did 7.5 miles in about 59 minutes.

Then I hopped on the spin bike for another 20 minutes, increasing the resistance little by little. Holy crap, I don’t remember a time I sweat so flippin’ much!

It was a great tempo workout and I felt strong and energized the whole time (it was still hard work, but not unbearable). I’ve never done so many tempo runs during any training season, EVER. Aren’t you proud of me? 😛


Umm, I’ve been loving these Dark Chocolate Edamame from Trader Joe’s:

tj edemame (source)

It has 5 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein in each serving (A QUARTER CUP??? Dangit. I was hoping one serving would be like… 1 cup).

If you love dark chocolate and crunchy things, GET. IT. NOW. I got one of my roommates hooked on it ;). She went to the store the next day to go buy it!


Went to the track with my roomies last night around 9:10pm. It was finally not windy, so we took it easy and did some walking, jogging, and stair-climbing.

I also decided to get all paparazzi on their butts and take a bunch of pictures with different effects and filters.

They. Super. Loved. That.





How you like the little twinkle of sweat on my cheek? Yeah. I think it’s pretty swell, too.

Glad they don’t punch me in the face every time I demand pictures after a sweat session.

Love my roomies 🙂


So with the addition of the 2.5 miles walking/jogging/running up and down the stairs six times (it was probably 10 stories-worth of steps) and the 7.5 miles from the morning, I did ten miles yesterday!

Today, I will be running with Kayla, my classmate, rather around Lake Merced again or toward the ocean along Highway 35.

Hope you have a blessed Tuesday!

Do you ever do two-a-days? 

How often do you go to the track?

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