A Beautiful Run On A Beautiful Day

I went running with Kayla (my classmate) yesterday morning. Glad that the sun was out, not a cloud in the sky, and some breeziness on the way back.

It was such a wonderful time of sharing, as well as run/walking.

I’m also glad that she was cool with the picture-taking 😛





^I’m wondering why my pull-up workouts aren’t giving me bigger biceps.

It’s probably because pull-ups and such are for the back.


Anywho, isn’t it great that our school (SFSU) is so close to all this prettiness??


We didn’t actually do much running on the sand because we don’t want to have to be shaking all the sand out of our shoes ’til kingdom come.

Also, Highway 35 was closed for construction, so we got to run on the road.


^And OOPS, my thumb decided to get in on the picture.

Anyways, we covered 6.34 miles this time around! Isn’t that awesome?


After class, I did my Pull-up workout:

1 pull-up, 2 chin-ups, 5 “walk-the-planks” in pull-up hand position. Did that twice.

Then 1 pull-up, 1 chin-up, 6 “walk-the-planks” in pull-up hand position. Did that thrice.

If you actually read all of that and care about the details of my workout, I feel sorry that you are THAT BORED.

Then I did 4 sets of 10 push-ups. The vein in my right shoulder was mad-poppin’.

And the burnouts afterwards TOTALLY killed!

THEN (I know… I was going all out today) I did 15 minutes of Pilates for the lower body. My butt was on FIRE, mang.

And then I was done for the day.


I’ve been practicing guitar a lot these days. Hope I can play it well enough to play for the special song on Sunday.


I also decided to dress more like a girl instead of the sweats and hoodie I’ve been sportin’ since January…. but only for yesterday. Sweats are just WAY more comfortable.


Do you play guitar? If so, how did you learn to play?

Do you play any instruments? Or want to learn how to play a particular instrument?

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