Just Thinking Out Loud

[Long and wordy post. Even if no one cares to read the whole thing, it’s just a way for me to get out my thoughts and wrestle with the mix of emotions I’m feeling right now. Also, I kind of jump around from thought to thought, so I’m sorry if it’s not that easy to follow]

I’m sure you know by now that there was a tragedy yesterday, on a day when people should have been celebrating a huge accomplishment. Running Boston is the dream for most runners. Some people will train for many many marathons, each time hoping to get a qualifying time to run the Boston Marathon. 

Instead of celebrating a personal accomplishment, some people got to celebrate the spirit of runners/marathoners/human beings, and the beauty of strangers working together to help out another stranger. Some people are in shock, others are recovering, and still others are mourning. In the midst of all the confusion and chaos, people were able to get it together and bring relief. The first responders are such brave men and women, and I thank God for their services!

Then there are the people who helped in making sure that their friends/family back home knew they were safe. This was a HUGE one for me because so many wonderful friends from my running group (The Running Addicts) were running Boston, and I was so incredibly relieved as I read all of the Facebook threads, counting each member, and being able to know they were all safe. PRAISE THE LORD!

Then there are the residents in Boston and surrounding cities who opened up their homes to people who were stranded in Boston (because of delays and whatnot). Such incredible hospitality and kindness. 

And THEN… I heard on K-LOVE that some people, right after finishing the marathon (if they were even allowed to cross), ran straight to the hospital to donate blood. 

It makes me sad and confused how a joyous occasion can quickly be riddled with destruction and death. I pray that God brings endless amounts of comfort and healing for those who lost their lives (I believe the spectators were hit the hardest), and for each person who was injured. 

I hope that we do not look at people in the world and become withdrawn and fearful of how evil can dwell in them (I think evil people are the minority…). I hope we can see a bigger picture where we, as fellow humans, can build each other up and be available to one another in times of need (or I guess even when it isn’t urgent). 

We were made in God’s image, and each of us were given the Breath of Life. When His Spirit dwells in us, we act as He acts and desire what He desires. Right now, God desires to bring healing to the city of Boston and for all of the marathoners, spectators, and their friends and families. 

Evil will be stomped out with goodness. Don’t wait for such a tragic event to take place for you to be good to your neighbors and complete strangers. Show your goodness in the everyday, super mundane times. Overflow with goodness toward others who (in your eyes) don’t deserve it

God is Good. All the time. 

It is not a quality that He is once in a while when He feels like it. It is not just something He shows when you have done something good. God IS Goodness. He can’t NOT be good. God can’t turn it off. That’s just who He is. 

Let Him reside in you, and hopefully we can all overcome the violence and destruction of evil with His Goodness. It can also give us hope when we see each other do selfless and random acts of kindness (like the people who were opening up their homes for strangers). This can be done out of God’s dwelling in you. 

“Selfless” because it is for someone else and you are going to get nothing in return (or maybe only a lot of “Thank you’s” and stuff). “Random” because you don’t know the person(s). Try exercising your selflessness and randomness every day. That doesn’t mean randomly buying presents for all of your friends! That’s not actually random (or selfless… they’ll probably return the favor)!

Anyways… I am just thinking out loud about how this event could have made me melt down and give up running any big race forever and ever. How could those people (still don’t know who put the bombs there) create so much destruction and take the lives of innocent bystanders? BUT reading about the responses of the innocent people who were there and those who were quick in their actions to help each other out gave me so much hope. 

Runners run beyond their comfort zones, push themselves, and give their best to the race. Everyone who helped each other yesterday went beyond their comfort zones. The people who were trying to rescue the injured people were risking being in the another bomb explosion. The people who opened up their homes were giving their best to strangers. The runners who donated blood were pushing their bodies to give whatever they could. 


No picture or anything today. I looked at the pictures and they gave me chills and made me want to cry. Guess I still have a lot of praying and thinking out loud to do. 

Again, I thank God that all of the Running Addicts are okay, but I can’t imagine what it must be like for those who lost a loved one and those who were injured. Please continue to pray for the people who were directly affected!

3 responses to “Just Thinking Out Loud

  1. You are so absolutely spot on. God is good all of the time and He wants nothing more than to bring comfort to those who are hurting from this tragedy… including you and I. Thank you for your faithfullness and beautiful words. They were exactly what I needed to hear today.

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