Don’t Be Too Specific

On Monday, I went hiking with Josh, Esther, James, and Jenny. I wanted to take them on the PG&E Trail at Rancho San Antonio, and I pretty much had the upper hand because none of them had ever hiked that trail.

They asked me all sorts of questions about it and I just never gave them specific answers. I just told them, “Oh, yeah it’s better than Mission Peak.” Or, “Hmm, I don’t really remember…” <– which was true. I have hiked many a trail and did not remember the specifics of this trail… but I knew it could be anywhere from 8 to 9 miles total for that day.

Josh took some really nice pictures:

rancho 2

rancho 1

For this trail, you pretty much follow the power lines all the way up to the top (can you see the little squiggles of the trail along the power lines?):

rancho 4

Here is the view from the top, next to the last power cable tower thingy:

rancho 3

And our way down was oh, so sweet.


^My favorite picture. How awesome is this little short cut we took?

[It was right after we hiked that I heard on K-LOVE about the news on Boston. I was able to check on FB to make sure everyone I knew was safe.]

Anyways, this hike was kind of windy and cold at certain points, but otherwise a beautiful hiking day! We covered 8.5 miles in 2:44. That’s a little faster than 3 mph. Pretty good considering all the crazy uphills we had.


Yesterday’s workout was an easy hour on the treadmill (7.25 miles). Nothing crazy.

Then it was followed by 30 minutes on the spin bike. That was a little crazy, haha. I pretty much made myself go up a steady climb for the whole half hour.


My roommies sat me down and asked me to be their summer-body-fitness coach. Starting next week, we are all going to revamp what we are eating and be consistent with our workouts. They want me to show them what I eat and be their motivator in getting out for a workout.

Then as we kept talking, one thing lead to another and… we ended up taking “before” pictures. Oh, man, did we have a good ol’ laugh. Now those “before” pictures are motivation for the next few weeks to come. Hope we can all have good enough “after” photos to maybe put up.

Okay, FINE, I’m pretty sure my roommates don’t want to show theirs (unless they have drastic changes, in which case, I’ll find a way to persuade them to let me put up their pics)… haha, or maybe they will all just be for our eyes only.

We shall see.


Plan for today? Bible study, doctor’s appointment, class, and possibly a long run. Oh, and studying.

Have a beautiful Wednesday!

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