VO2 Max Testing

Yesterday during my kinesiology test, I got to run on the treadmill…

in front of the whole class…


We were in the kin lab and our instructor had time to test one person. I came in my running clothes and was ready to go! 

I hopped on the treadmill and did a little jog to warm up. I was able to feel my heart pounding in my chest because I was kind of nervous. Plus, it was totally awkward with all of the other students just standing around watching me. 

There was a heartrate monitor strapped to my chest, a mouthpiece (much like snorkeling gear), a nose clip to plug my nose, and a headpiece to hold it all in place. It looked a lot like this:


One thing I didn’t think about… WATER. I should have had some because my mouth became completely parched around halfway through. 

Actually there was a second thing… I ate a big bowl of curry rice right before going to this class. Curry burps while running on the treadmill are le nasty. 

The test is pretty much starting out at 0% incline at a comfortable pace (I chose 6.5 mph), and then every two minutes, the incline is increased by 2%. I made it passed the first minute of 10% incline before I decided to bail. 

Honestly, I could have gone a little longer, had it not been for the fact that my mouth was insanely dry and I was uber thirsty. 

Oh, well. My VO2 hit its peak at 50.9 ml/kg/m. It was pretty much around when the professor predicted I should be stopping (as the RER goes from fat-burning state, around 0.85 to carb-burning around 1.10… I stopped at 1.09). 

11 minutes of testing, running on the treadmill in front of everyone… and actually, my classmates were really nice. They were cheering for me to keep going and stuff (or more like five people saying, “You can do it!” and “Looking strong!” here and there). It was a pretty interesting class! I love my major 😀


Then I went to the gym and did a tempo run. 


3 miles: w/u at 8:27 pace

4 miles tempo: 7:30 pace (a little faster at the end)

3 miles: c/d at ?:?? pace. I kept speeding it up so I can finish the darned workout. 

Total: 10.0 miles in 79:29. 

Then I got on the spin bike for another 20 minutes and pedaled away until it was time for the glorious cooldown walk back home. 


Asked my roommate last night if she wanted to go walk the track with me (I was pretty sore and wanted a little shake-out walk to get blood flowing everywhere). 

We walked and talked it out for over an hour, covering almost 5 miles. I love those track sessions where we just get to share about anything and everything 🙂


In total, I did 16 miles yesterday. That means today is a rest day. Well, it will at least be a rest day from running. Maybe I’ll do a little yoga or something tonight. 

All of these workouts were entered into plus3metwork, which is basically converted into “kudos”, which will be matched by companies with real monies and donated to a cause. I really think you should get on this. Why not make your workouts count even more? PLUS you can upload your runs off of your Garmin! How cool is that?

AND right now, if you enter your workouts and put “Boston” in the title of the workout, those workouts will be matched with monies to be donated to One Fund Boston

DEEEEWWW IIIIIIT. It’s so cool to see this in the email:

“So Far you have earned 9,197 Kudos that we turned into $112.71.”


Have you ever gotten your VO2 max tested?

Will you join plus3network and put more meaning and purpose into your workouts?

6 responses to “VO2 Max Testing

  1. The “plus3metwork” thing is awesome! I’m on the site right now trying to figure out how it works, do you have to connect your GPS somehow so they can get an accurate tally of your runs/walks? My husband right now runs 60+ miles a week and a whole bunch of ultra races, he tracks everything with his Garmin. Since I’m preggo I stopped running when I hit third trimester and am relegated to walking the dog a mile or two a day, haha. But after the baby is born and I hit the trails again I would love to do this! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Yes, when you upload your activities, you can manually enter them (less kudos, I think) or after you have transferred your workout from the watch to Garmin Connect, then you just click the “Garmin upload” and it should upload (I guess you just have to sync it when you sign up). It’s been a while since I signed up, so I hope I’m giving you the correct info 😛

  2. I did a max vo2 rest as a test subject back when I worked at a lab! they also did an EKG and it was super interesting to see the results of both!

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