Ooops. I can’t put any of my Yosemite pictures up yet because I didn’t bring my USB cable. Oh, well. But I will say that we had a great retreat and I got really good insight from the small group discussions and the sermons.

We had a 6-mile hike during the trip on Saturday and even though people were super tired, it was a great time to see God’s beautiful creation and breathe the  fresh air. Everyone was really tired after the first night because it was super duper cold… just below freezing. Then the second night, we all got relatively good rest because it was over 10 degrees warmer at night.

Sunday was a complete rest day.

Today, I woke up feeling completely refreshed and renewed. I spent a lot of time with Vanna before driving up to school and going to class.

Then I met up with Kayla for some tennis! We both haven’t played in ages and were expecting to run around chasing after the tennis balls than to actually play.

Turns out, we weren’t as bad as we thought. We were able to get some good rallying in and worked up a good sweat. It was also in the middle of the day and both forgot to bring water. Whoops. We’ll be better equipped next time.


We played 75 minutes and were pretty darn tired.

I wore my giant shorts that can hold four tennis balls in each pocket. I’ll show you next time we play. They’re incredibly sexy.

It’s really surprising how good the workout was! I don’t think my body is used to all of the lateral movements or short bursts of sprinting. I got super pooped and even lightheaded from the workout.

This week is my super easy week because I have the Big Sur International Marathon this-coming Sunday. I will only be doing light running and some running with strides here and there.

Oooh and carbo-loading will begin on Friday! Can’t wait to run marathon #3 🙂


Hope you had a great start to the week!

Do you play tennis? 

When is your next race? How do you carbo-load?

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