Barre-Inspired Workout While Watching Playoffs

I am having such a good time rest up this week! I thought I would be incredibly antsy, but I’m doing okay doing other activities. 

Yesterday, I played tennis in the afternoon, and then did a workout with Joanna in front of the television. We set up chairs and started out with lower body work. The last part looked a lot like this:


Yeah. Joanna really loved that part. I’m pretty sure she liked it every time I said, “Eight more!” 

Then we did arm work with light weights (Joanna used soup cans). She really liked that, too. Some parts looked like this:

Image (source)

And lastly, we did some Insanity-inspired core work, but we would go from doing C-sit position stuff to plank variations to bicycle, and go back to C-sit. It was a whole lot of fun with little-to-no equipment. 

Joanna hated me and loved me at the same time. It was nice 🙂

And after the workout, we watched the 4th quarter of the Clippers-Grizzlies game together. What a good game! I love it when it’s a close game.. especially with the energy of a playoffs game!


When Joanna and I went shopping at Trader Joe’s yesterday, I pretty much went through the normal products we buy and showed her what to look for in the nutrition labels, as well as the ingredients. 

Here is something I learned in class that may blow your mind: If any form of sugar is one of the first three ingredients, it is considered a dessert. 

Yeah. So basically most cereals and flavored yogurt should actually be categorized as DESSERT. But guess what… this is a nation that runs on sugar, and it is pretty much present in every staple (condiments, such as ketchup; breads, including whole wheat bread; store-bought pasta sauces). 

We are consuming crazy amounts of added sugar from morning until our after-dinner snacks. It’s hard in the beginning to take so much time to compare products and to be hyper-vigilant about what ingredients are used, but I have a feeling that when we’re all passing the century mark and running around with our great grandchildren, we’ll realize it was worth it. 

Best thing to do would be to make everything yourself. Homemade sauce, homemade bread, homemade dressing, etc. Even if it’s the best thing, it’s not the easiest thing. In the end, it’s about keeping yourself informed and making smart decisions. 

Today’s lesson on how we are consuming “dessert” throughout the entire day is complete. 

[Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or specialist of any kind. I am just trying to pass on some information that I learned in class, but I can’t tell you anything about who set those guidelines or standards because… I don’t know, haha]


Do you workout while  you watch TV?

Do you have a person to keep you accountable with your workouts?

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