Light in a Lit Room

Happy Wednesday! It’s a little cold and gloomy-looking here at SFSU, but it’s no problem. I have a lot of studying to do today anyways. 

Now let’s jump to last night! And when I say “jump”, I really mean it. 

I introduced Joanna to plyometrics/jump training. Whenever you have to get your whole body off the ground like that, it requires a lot of muscles and power. That means it burns a lot of calories. 

Told Joanna that it was a great calorie torch-er… but she may have heard calorie torture. 

We started with a few minutes of warm-ups. She may have been surprised about the warm-up feeling like a workout. Anyways, it did the trick and we were nice and warm and ready to do some high-intensity training. 

She really liked the jump-switch lunges, the floor sprints, and power jumps. 30 seconds or 60 seconds never seemed so long. We did 20 minutes of jumping, lower-impact exercises, back to high-impact jump training, and MAN… I could tell she kinda sorta hated me. 

Of course, at the end of it when she got back to feeling normal, things were okay. 


Both of us had some wild hair after all of that. Smiles were genuine. We were so glad to be done with that workout 🙂

I watched some of the Warriors game while doing 20 minutes of yoga. I wasn’t trying to get all zen’d out or anything. Never had conversations and watched a basketball playoff game while yoga-ing, but I was doing it to stretch and sweat a little more. 

40 minutes of work in the living room in front of the TV. It was really fun!!!


Here is a great analogy that a few of us got to learn during the young adult retreat. 

Have you ever gone camping? When we were in Yosemite, our campsite had no lights… not even in the bathrooms. It also had no showers… but that’s a different point. 

Since there were no lights, we had to walk around at night with a flashlight and light the hangout area with lanterns. Man, those lanterns are so cool. It’s really amazing how much light it brings to such a dark area. 

In the morning though, the lanterns would be off. If you’re thinking, “DUH, of course you turn off the lanterns when it’s bright out,” then think about how this applies to Christians. Jesus said in Matthew 5:14, “You are the light of the world.” We are to go into the darkness to be the light. Just as people gathered around the light at the campsite during the night, people will be drawn to you when you become the light in the world. 

The problem is: The majority of us are like lanterns that are lit in the morning. We are bringing our light into a well-lit room. This analogy, which our retreat praise leader brought up, was eye-opening. 

Christians try to do what we’re supposed to do. We study the Bible, we pray, we surround ourselves with other Christians, we stay away from “the wrong crowd”, we go to every Bible study and never miss any Sunday services. We serve at church, we teach Sunday school, we volunteer and give up our time for the church. 

Those are not bad things… but then again, it does no good. Think of how different and bright the world can be if Christians actually went out into the darkness to shine the light of Jesus. That does not mean going out into the world and condemning them because of their sins. Jesus came to bear Good News, people!

That does not mean you have to go to a country with no written language and no electricity. It just means that wherever you are, you should be the light. In your schools, in your workplaces, in your homes, in your social lives, in every relationship. 


Pop quiz:

Complete the following passage: Jesus said, “Come follow me and I will…

a.) … show you how to lead a Bible study.”

b.) … make you into a great praise team member.”

c.) … make you fishers of men.”

d.) … show you how to serve in church.”


Does your daily walk with Christ reflect the correct answer? <– Does this question make sense?


Do you do plyometrics/jump-training regularly? Are you a fan of it?

Do you do yoga? If so, do you follow a video, attend a class, or do it on your own?


3 responses to “Light in a Lit Room

  1. I used to take a yoga class for school and I really enjoyed it until I had to do P90X’s yoga. :/ anyways, fun picture! You guys sure look a lot more cheery than I do after doing some plyometrics 🙂

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