How to Make a Wednesday More Exciting

Yesterday was kind of a BLECH day for the household here. The weather was kind of gloomy, I was feeling fatigue throughout the whole day, and my brain was tired from reading throughout the whole day (the product of procrastination).

There were plans made to go to the track at night, but that plan got demolished when I suddenly said (at 9:10 pm): “Let’s go to In-n-Out.”

There was a pause of shock and awe. I pretty much never say things like that! They thought I had made a terrible joke, saying, “Don’t mess with us, Michelley. Are you serious???” And indeed, I was serious.

So off we went!

I ordered a hamburger animal-style with no spread and both onions (raw and grilled) and animal-style fries on the side:


Here is me with Joanna:


^(Yes, we are kinda sorta extremely scrubbed out. Don’t  care even a little).

And here is Allison (dressed all cute!):


Eating a burger and animal-style fries so late at night is not something that we normally do. In fact, I never order fries for myself. I usually just take a couple of Joe’s. Why? Well just an hour after eating this, I got in BIG TROUBLE with my stomach doing cartwheels and setting off some fireworks. I don’t think my body is used to all the grease… this happens whenever I eat too many deep-fried things. It just goes straight through… is that why it’s called IN-N-OUT? Harhar.

I can probably elaborate more on that, but I hope you get the picture. Actually, I really hope you don’t.


There was a Krispy Kreme right next to it, so we pretty much had no choice but to pop in for a couple treats:


If I did not have some decaf coffee with me, it might have been hard to eat that. The glaze on the donut (I got blueberry) was insanely sweet. I must be getting old.


Last night was fun! And I don’t feel guilty about it at all. Who cares if I miss a day of working out and substitute it with an In-n-Out-and-Krispy-Kreme-run? It makes a random Wednesday that much more interesting. Just as long as we get back to doing our normal things today and we do NOT make it a nightly ritual, I think we’re in the clear.

Plus, it made me feel like a young’un. There were a bunch of young folks in there and I wouldn’t be surprised if they go there all the time.

This was pretty much a one-time deal. You would have known by the shocked expressions on my roommates’ faces if you were hanging out in the living room with us last night 🙂


Even though today is gloomy, I hope it can be a great day and that my mood won’t be so BLECH. 

Are you sensitive to the weather? Do you like overcast/gloomy weather?

Do you randomly go out to eat at odd hours? Do you (secretly) find it super fun and exciting? (If you’re used to a daily routine like me, then you would find it really exciting, hehe).

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