Fitness Test

Yesterday, while I was in class, I decided to make a little fitness test for me and the roomies to do. Whenever I am starting people out on  new regimen, I try to set some kind of benchmark or “before” so that we can work off of it and get fitter, faster, and stronger.

[Disclaimer: I am not a certified personal trainer or professional of any kind]

I kind of arbitrarily chose the number 24 to be the number of reps we must perform per exercise. I like the number 24. Plus, I like working in reps of 8 sometimes, and each exercise can be broken down into 3 sets of 8 if needed.

Anyways, here are the moves I had them do:

1. 24 reps “around-the-world”, where each time you jump is one rep (this is from the Insanity videos).

2. 24 reps of V-push-ups (inverted V, push-up to work the shoulders).

3. 24 jumps (knees are wide and must come up to hip height while jumping up as high as possible).

4. 24 full-plank position alternating shoulder taps (plank on hands, shoulders over wrists, alternate touching opposite shoulder each time). Each tap is one rep.

5. 24 Jump-switch lunges. Every jump is one rep.

6. 24 full-plank alternating knees (bring knee to elbow, engage core). Each time knee comes in, it’s one rep.

7. 24 chest-to-floor burpees. I DON’T KNOW WHY I PUT THIS NEAR THE END. It was redonk.

8. 24 triceps dips on the floor.


(Instagram: meeshelkim. As with everything technology-related, I super suck at Instagraming and will forever be a noobstagrammer. Oh, well).

That was an old picture from the last time we all worked out together. These girls are troopers! It was less than 10 minutes of hard work, but they got it done… with minimal complaints. 

Joanna already said that she felt better about this workout than last time. I hope they can each shave at least 45 seconds off of their times from today.

As always, we will see what happens in a couple weeks 🙂


Whoa. I am leaving for Big Sur tomorrow to get ready for the Big Sur International Marathon on Sunday. I have not run since… some time last week. Holy moly. It doesn’t really scare me, though. I’m not looking to PR at this race. I just want to take lots of pictures and have fun 🙂

I think I’m taking this taper a little too seriously. I’m almost too comfortable without any of the usual runs. WHO AM I? Then again, I have supplemented it all with other activities (tennis, plyo)… which many would say is a stupid decision. Darns.


My pastor asked our church if we want to read the Bible in one year. We are going to start on May 1 and finish next year at the end of April. It involves reading 3 chapters from the Old Testament and 1 chapter from the New Testament. I think I should do it… even if I can’t keep up with it exactly. ________________

Have you ever read the entire Bible from cover-to-cover?

Do you have a race this weekend?

Ever been to Big Sur/Monterey/Carmel?

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