May- The Month Of Too Many Races?

I don’t know how it happened, but I scheduled in a lot of races for the month of May.

Having just run a full marathon (BSIM) this past weekend, I should actually be taking it easy for a while. No, I did not race it, but I think all of those hills (~2,000 ft elevation gain, and even more elevation loss!) over the course of 26.2 miles can lead to some wear and tear.

Also, for the whole week before the marathon, I kept myself busy with schoolwork, so my workouts were kind of nonexistent AND I was eating like crazy. I ran the Big Sur marathon much heavier than I’ve ever been. I think a lot of it just has to do with the bloating from tapering and carbo-loading.

Monday was a complete rest day. I did some walking around campus, walking up and down the stairs at my school house (because I had to… not because I wanted to), and rolling everything out with the Stick.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling slightly less sore. As I walked around to all of my classes throughout the day, I was able to feel the soreness go away. Must be all of the fresh blood getting pumped to where it needs to go. So I decided to go to the gym. I hadn’t been in the gym for almost two weeks!! It felt nice to be back.

I tried to stick to the non-impact cardio stuff. I did 10 minutes on an annoying elliptical. It had a hitch and when I tried to increase the resistance, it would get worse and worse. Blech. Then I got on a spin bike and sweated and got to get the blood flowing. Did that for 30 minutes, but got a little bored with the Warriors v. Nuggets game (I like it when it’s a close game).

Probably should have just walked back home, but all of the treadmills were available.


Since that almost never happens, I hopped on and did a slow EASY RUN at a couple different paces that were slower than my normal warm-up paces, finishing 2.25 miles in 20 minutes.

When I got back home, I was starting to feel my hip flexors getting sore/tight/something weird. I decided to do some yoga in front of the TV. Good LORD, it was exactly what I needed! I never realized how many hip-openers and stretches there are for the hip flexors. Also, my calves were super tight in the beginning, but after 25 minutes of yoga-ing, my hip flexors and calves felt awesome.


Maybe I’ll be one of those runner yogis. Yoga runner? Whatever it’s called, I can totally see myself following every run with some nice yoga 🙂


This weekend, I have the Brazen Western Pacific Half Marathon. I will not be racing this, but PACING the 2:10 pace group!


The first time I paced a race was last month in the Santa Cruz Half Marathon. It was so much fun and I can’t wait for the one this Saturday!

Then the following weekend, I will be running the Mermaid Run Sirena 18. Yup, an 18-miler! I have run this one the last two years and enjoyed the distance. It is tough, but it is not long enough to feel hit the wall.


^This is where I met Tammy for the first time. She beat me out for the second place spot last year!

So after the Sirena 18, on the very same day, I will be doing a 5K. Some kind of Rave Run business. It will serve as my shake-out run. Definitely going to be crowded and something to do for fun with my church homies.

Two weeks after that, Joe will be graduating from law school, and I will run the M2B Marathon in Ojai the following day. This was going to be the race where I would try to PR, but I now realize that I may definitely be burned out by then. If that is the case, I will have no problem just enjoying the race without actually racing it.

Then again, I paid a lot of monies for that race, and since I don’t run many full marathons, I should probably try to go for a PR. By God’s grace, I will not get injured or completely pooped when it comes time to run it!


Too many races? I’m not sure. I think it will just have to do with me being smart in between all of these runs and making sure I recover and get good rest.

How many races do you run each month?

Are you one of those weekend warriors who run a race every weekend?

How long do you give your body to recover and rest after a marathon?

12 responses to “May- The Month Of Too Many Races?

  1. Woah you have a lot of races coming up! I don’t think I could do that!! I really do want to pace a race though someday. Maybe after I have a few more halfs under my belt so people will trust me to do it right. I don’t think it’s necessarily “too many races” as long as you take an extended break afterwards and don’t push yourself on every single one, which it doesn’t sound like you’re doing anyways!

    • Yay, I’m glad you said that 😀
      And pacing a race is definitely a great experience, a good way to volunteer, and to be in the middle of a race without actually racing it! Hope you can do it someday soon 🙂

  2. hi michelle! i’m doing the 10k on sat! i wish i were doing the half but since i conned a non-running friend into doing it too, he vetoed the half 😦 oh well. maybe i’ll run into you somewhere along the course! have fun!

    • OMG! It would be so cool to meet you! If you see me, just yell out “Thunder thighs!”… or “Michelle!” hehe.
      I’ve conned many a friend into running races, too 😛
      Hope you guys have a great race!

  3. I love, love, love races! I might do too many, but most of them aren’t super long. I’ve never done an 18-miler. April and May are packed with races in Arizona. Things dry up in the summer 😉

  4. I love your blog!! Thank you for blogging. I also ran norcal half (actually part of it with 1:55 pace group) but i did not recognize you. I will be also at western pacific marathon. I am doing a full!! See you out there and have a good race!!

  5. You’ve sure got a busy busy May! I’ve never done a race. I just started running and I’m still only around 3 miles in a whole hour. 🙂 slow progress but your posts get me excited!

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