You’re Stronger Than You Know

[This kind of goes off in a weird tangent. By the end of this post, you will see that it takes a sharp turn and goes off in a different direction. OH, WELL]

Yesterday was a two-a-day workout day. 

In the morning, I did a 39 minute Insanity video. It was SO INTENSE! I have not done an Insanity video in so long, and since I’m a bit heavier than the last time I did it, it was even tougher. It’s like doing all the jumping moves with a ten-pound vest on (or in my case, 10-pound pants). 

Anyways, after my classes and a bunch of reading and papers, Joanna and I went out to the track at night to jog/walk. 

Miss Joanna is still building up her mileage, and has been steadily increasing the duration of her running. Last night, we did about 7 laps when she goes, “Michelley, I can’t do no more.

Whatevers. I knew she was able to squeak out a little more, so I told her to just do a little more until we hit 2 miles. She kept keepin’ on, and it’s too bad my GPS watch was being weird (it was registering everything as shorter… so 0.15 mile only came out as 0.10 mile… or something weird like that). She ended up doing 1.5 more laps from when she told me she couldn’t do any more. 

I told her that she totally didn’t know how strong she was and what she was capable of. She needed me to be there to challenge her and push her. 

We did about 2 laps of walking, and then I told her we were going to run again. “Whaaat? Michelley, I thought we were done with the running!” she said (or something along those lines). 

Off we went for another 3 laps when she said the same thing and needing to stop. I challenged her to try to keep going for a little while longer. And she did a whole ‘nother lap! 

Yes, she probably did not like me that much at the time, but I’m sure she feels like she got to challenge her body and achieve a lot by running way more than last time. 


I used to not know what I was able to do. I used to be scared to see anything under 8:00 when I was racing because I thought it meant I would soon burn out. I thought those sub-8:00’s were a fluke. 

The first time I realized I was pretty capable was when I came in as the third woman in a 13.4 mile trail race:


^(BTW, this was a couple years ago when I was able to coerce Tammy into running. I can’t do it anymore… she has become immune to my coercion, hahaha).

Then in a 10-mile race in Sacramento (SacTown 10), I did not fear the sub-8:00’s. This was kind of a huge milestone for me. I always held myself back and was too scared to give it my all. 

Why? I don’t know. Something about being scared that “my all” would not be “good enough”. 

ANYWAYS, I averaged a 7:38 pace in that race. 


That kind of broke the barrier. It was a huge turning point for me, and I’m kind of sad that I only realized this last year (SacTown 10 was in April 2012). 

Better late than never, I guess. It set the stage for more races where I would just give it my best. The Mermaid Run in May of 2012:


And the Rock’n’Roll SJ Half marathon, where I PR’d (1:41:57) 




Am I the fastest person out there? HECK-TO-THE-NO. But I feel like I have come a long way. I try to view these achievements and improvements to celebrate what my body can DO instead of just what it looks like.  

God created you, with His infinite love and wisdom, trusting that you will do with your body what will be pleasing to Him. 

If God made you to be a runner, go run. It brings glory to God to fulfill what He made you to do. 

If God gave you a beautiful voice, then sing (or do voice overs or commercials or whatever). Bring glory to God!

If God made you an artist, then create! 

If God gave you the gift of hospitality, then invite people over to your home. Don’t invite just the cool kids, but invite the ones who never ever get invites. 

I used to wish that God gave me a fast metabolism and perfect skin. NOPE. He gave me thunder thighs and dimples. So I decided to give glory to Him by running and smiling real big as I do it. 

And whenever you are feeling weak, weary, or beaten down, just remember this… you are stronger than you know/realize. You are strong because God will be there right behind you to support you and carry you when necessary. You are strong because God will never forsake you and He will redeem you. You are stronger than you know because after all else has failed, HE will never fail you. You are strong if you let Our loving God reside in you!


Hope you had a fruitful Thursday!

Have you ever had a big moment when you realized that you were stronger than you knew/thought? 

2 responses to “You’re Stronger Than You Know

  1. Thank you. This is really very uplifting. Something I feel like I’ve been learning through injury is, certainly, I need to build back up wisely, but all the worrying about injury/recovery is wasted time. If I can honor God with running, then He will work it out. If not, then I need to be faithful to whatever He is calling me to do. Of course, this is much easier said than done, but that doesn’t make it any less true. So, thanks for reminding me of that today.

    • Yes, it’s true that you should build up slowing (depending on the injury… you don’t want to get RE-injured). I never thought about how God might be calling you to do something else, if it’s not just running. In any case, I pray for healing from your injury and I’m glad you were encouraged 🙂

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