Mama Knows

What a great weekend! You can read all about how I paced the Western Pacific Half and celebrated Eliyah’s birthday in this post

Yesterday, I decided to just rest up for the whole day. I got to conduct a bunch of short interviews for one of my classes (Asian American Health Studies. FASCINATING class!). There was a short post-retreat meeting, and then Juni treated the retreat planners out to dinner! He yelped for an Italian restaurant, and we went with A Bellagio, which is in Downtown Campbell, super close to our church.


BTW, Juni really really loves having his picture taken. If ever you meet him, take many many pictures of him and with him. He’ll be so happy

There was an awesome appetizer with some yummy mozzarella cheese, basil, prosciutto (which I don’t usually eat, but this one was not too bad), tomatoes, and olive oil:


For my entree, I got a pasta dish with spaghetti, a bunch of seafood, and white wine marinara. 


It was really good except I should have switched for a different noodle (not a huge fan of spaghetti).

Even though we were stuffed because of a bunch of bread and the heavy meal, we had to try some of the desserts. 


It was a nice time for me, Tammy, and Juni to hang out and discuss random stuff, with a whole lot of good food. Thanks for treating us out, Juni!


My brother came back from Atlanta last night. I was so excited, and we were going to stay up and watch Running Man, but the site was being super slowskies and then we got tired around midnight. 

GARSH. Feel so old now. Can’t even stay up passed 12:00 am haha.

But this morning, we were up pretty early and hung out with my parents a bit while eating breakfast. Then we went to the gym!

He was basketballing and I was treadmilling.

8.50 miles in 67:20. Then I did a cooldown walk for 0.25 mile. 

But apparently, Michael was doing plyo and planning on shooting around some more with his friend, so I had to keep myself occupied for another half hour.

I got on the elliptical and busted out an insane 30 minutes of sweating and pedaling with different inclines and resistances. CRRRAAAAZY. By the end of all this, I pretty much looked like I was pushed into a swimming pool and just came out of the water. NO JOKE. 

I think it was all the carboloading from the Italian food last night! Anyways, it was a good workout and my last hard workout (until after the Mermaid Run 18-miler this weekend). 


Came home, washed up, and my mom made THIS:


This salad has soba noodles, arugula, hard-boiled egg, chicken, salmon, carrots, some seaweed topping stuff she made, and her own dressing.


This is a dressing that many a Korean households will have on hand. It could be made with different amounts/ratios of the key ingredients (soy sauce and some kind of oil). My mom likes to use lots of lemon juice and sugar in it, too. She said she went pretty light on the sugar. 


She also added some sesame seeds to the dressing, because she knows I love ground sesame seeds.

You can tell by the salad, and how it is dressed very lightly, that she knows what I like to eat. Well, she also knows what’s healthy, so she made this lunch for the whole family (and frequently packs it for lunch for my brother).

I remember times when I was super little and thought my mom was the coolest, smartest, prettiest, awesomest woman alive. Then there came a time in middle school when I thought everything she did was kinda sorta embarrassing. 

Now? I’m pretty much back to how I used to think when I was little. She is an incredible woman and a wonderful mother/friend/daughter/person. I have so much respect for everything she does! (haha, it’s like a Mother’s Day post that came early). 

Even if she says something once in a while that I feel like is nagging at that moment… I know later on that she is right and she says everything out of love. She really knows what is best for us. It’s true what they say: Mother knows best 🙂


Right now, Michael and I are at Starbucks doing a lot of studying. 


Whoa. It is super bright out.

Anyways, the guy just finished taking all his finals in his first year of law school, and he’s ALREADY studying something now??? His over-achieving ways are kind of super annoying sometimes. 

Hehehe, I joke ;). I’m impressed with his self-discipline!

We got some Odwalla protein shake drinks as a snack:


And we are going to split a Venti Green Tea Frap (being that it’s the Happy hour business from 3 to 5pm).

It has already been such a productive day! Looks like the summer will be pretty productive if I end up hanging out with the little brother like this 😀


Hope you’re having a good start to the week!

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