First Time Going Insane

Today was a groundbreaking day. Why? Because my roomie Joanna did an Insanity workout for the first time.

She had to go back and forth and do some laundry in the middle, but she pretty much did the majority of the circuits.

It was the hour-long Max Interval something-something.

Most of the language you heard during that hour was of the “holy sh*t” variety. It also consisted of me asking stupid questions like, “This is so insane, huh?”

Needless to say, she made it through, even after she said after a couple circuits at the end that she was DONE, she ended up doing the next one… and the one after that… until it was over.


We may have gone just a little bit insane. The sweat and heavy breathing should have made us end up on the floor… but perhaps we were smiling all huge because we made it through the whole workout!

She went on to get washed up, and I ended up doing AbRipperX and about 7 minutes of shoulder/arm burnouts (where I use light hand weights and do 20+ moves, letting the burn build up like crazy. I barely rest during these moves).

Joanna claims that this would be her first and last time doing this Insanity business, but I think I can get her to do one of the easier ab ones… and then sneak in a harder one here and there, hehehe. [BTW, Joanna only reads this blog occasionally… but she seems to always read the ones where I talk about my plans for tricking my roommates into working out, hahaha].


Yesterday was a complete rest day. In fact, I ate a whole lot, too. Garsh. Something with this gloomy, overcast weather makes me want to lay in bed and do nothing. Oh, yeah, I took a 3.5 hour nap, too.

With all the schoolwork piling up, and the last week of school coming around the corner, I would usually be freaking out by now. Good thing I got to get some stress relief through these workouts! Now, it’s time to get back to work.


Have you tried the Insanity videos?

Are you the one in your group of friends who is always talking about running/working out?

4 responses to “First Time Going Insane

  1. I want to try Insanity SO bad!! Awesome job. I’m def the one out of my friends (aside from my boyfriend) that talks about working out or running all the time.

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