In Preparation For the Race…

Since I have an 18-mile race this morning, I took it relatively easy on Thursday… except for a little tempo treadmill run.


2 miles w/u at 7.1 mph

2 miles tempo around 8.2 mph

2 miles c/d around 7.4 mph

It was quick and easy, and I was out of there super fast!


Yesterday, it was a relaxed morning. Around 11:00 am, Joe and I went to watch Iron Man 3. It was definitely entertaining!… and that’s all I’ll say about the movie.

For lunch, we went to Five Guys. I’ve never actually eaten there before, but I was down for a burger.


My burger had lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, and mustard.


Okay. That picture makes it look a little funky, but it was a good, solid burger. Nothing mind-blowing, but I wouldn’t mind getting it when I feel like having a burger (unless In-n-Out is around the corner).

The nice thing about this location is that it was super close to Pinkberry!


Joe and I split the medium original tart (with raspberries, strawberries, almonds, waffle thingy, and dark chocolate crunchy stuff).

Then I had to go home and have the most stressful 2 hours EVER! I am making a video for one of my finals, and it was all going great until the stupid thing decides to close the program. I thought I couldn’t retrieve the file, so I just started it again.

And then the program closed again.

I wanted to outside and sprint up and down our steep driveway. GAAHHHH!

Eventually, I tried really really hard and was able to find out where I could retrieve it. I felt like a tech genius.

I also felt a little bad because I left like 50 texts on my older brother’s cell phone, giving him up-to-the-minute status reports of “OMG, it keeps closing and I don’t know how to retrieve it!” and “Oh, wait, I think I know how.” and “Oh, wait, NO! I still can’t retrieve it!”

I can now say that I am about 75% done with the video! PRAISE THE LORD!


For today’s race, I pretty have zero expectations. My legs feel really sore from sitting in a chair all day. Also my back is crazy sore! It must be from hunching over the computer as I edited. Dangit. 

So in preparation for the race, all I did was eat a lot and become sore from sitting in a chair. Hooray.

And that’s why I have no expectations for this race. Actually, I expect to finish. That’s about it 🙂

Oh, crap, knock on wood.


And then in the evening, I will be running the Rave Run (5K) in San Jose. I think I’ll be seeing a lot of familiar faces there!


Anyone who is racing this weekend? Do tell 😀

What is the most random-number-of-miles race that you’ve run? [My first race ever was a 4.2 mile race. That and the 18-miler are pretty random to me]

8 responses to “In Preparation For the Race…

  1. I have done a 7.4 and a 8 miler. Those distances were picked because they matched the course (paths through natural parks). There is a 4.2 in Phoenix to honor Pat Tillman, who was number 42. There’s a 6K in St. Louis to honor Stan Musial, who was number 6. I think it would be funny to run a 26.3 mile race and then I could say I’m an ultra runner 😉

    • OMG! The 4.2 mile race was also for a Pat TIllman race (in San Jose somewhere). And you remineded me… my Garmin told me I ran 26.33 miles at Big Sur Marathon. I can technically say I’m an ultra runner, too, yeah? 😀 hehe

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