Officially Tapering


My taper was actually supposed to start last week, but I think two weeks out  could be enough time. So last Saturday, I had the 18-mile Mermaid Run and the (poorly organized) Rave Run.

On Sunday, I did an Insanity video. 41 minutes. Soooo crazy tough,  but I was kind of surprised that I could be jumping around the morning after the 18 miles. I realized that I was not sore at all because I didn’t actually get to run it very fast since I was pooped for more than half of the race.

Anywho, Monday was a complete rest day. It was more like a catch-up day for all the finals crap that I have coming up!

Yesterday, I followed the little plan that I have and did “2 mile race pace“. Joanna and I walked to the track, did one mile w/u together, and then I took off to do two miles.

Weird thing is… the first of the 2-mile-race-pace felt really hard. I don’t know if it’s because of the crazy and constant wind, but it felt like a struggle to even hold an 8:45 pace. “Oh, great. I’ve reached burn out. Guess I won’t even PR this time around,” I thought. My thoughts became so negative and pessimistic… kind of not how a runner should be thinking. Luckily, by the third lap, I was actually warmed up, and I was able to pick up the pace without it feeling difficult. 1st mile, 8:36.

And then the second mile felt super easy. 8:15. That’s actually the race pace I would have to average to get a BQ. To PR? I’d just have to run something under 8:24ish.

After the 2 miles, Joanna and I jogged one more lap and walked back home.

My calves were feeling tight, so I decided to do some yoga. P90X’s YogaX is generally my first choice. Only do it until all of the moving variations and vinyasa stuff is done. About 47 minutes. I love following up running with yoga.


Quick confession: I have not studied my Bible in just over a week. I allow stupid meaningless things like, “Oh, I have to study,” or “I have to sleep because I have a race tomorrow,” and “I’m too tired,” to become excuses.

I know that with my earthly relationships, even when I’m busy, I will make time to hang out. Why can’t I do that with an eternal relationship with My Heavenly Father?

I’ll study it today (and when I say ‘study’, it means read it carefully and with constant reflection/application… not just breeze through and think, ‘OK! I’m done reading a chapter! Now I’m going to go back to living my life however I want to!‘). You’re keeping me accountable to it!


I only did 3.75 miles (including the jog/walks) yesterday. Today or tomorrow, I’m supposed to do 5 miles with ten 100m strides. These tapering runs sound fun 🙂

Do you follow a plan for training for marathons? (I follow this one from Runner’s World).

Do you stick to the plan?

Do you get antsy during the taper weeks?

4 responses to “Officially Tapering

  1. Welcome to taper! I am right there with you. Taper likes to mess with us- just know that all of the hard work is done. Race day is the reward. You’ve got this my friend!

    P/S I have missed some of my bible study too. I also have a daily devotional that is screaming at me from my nightstand. Palm to face!!

  2. I am so excited for the big race, and it’s kinda weird to not have lots of long runs anymore! You are definitely going to rock it, girl!

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