I Must Be Excited/Nervous

Yesterday’s run was a quick 5-miler on the treadmill (41:05), followed by 9 minutes on the stairmaster. Boom, in and out before going to church.

Today’s run? I finally decided to take it outdoors. I haven’t really been doing many training runs outside. I’ve done all my tempo’s and easy runs on the treadmill. My long runs were done outside, but usually from pacing or falling apart in races.

I’m also moving out of my school house this week, so I think I knew I would miss having Lake Merced AND the Pacific Ocean to run beside. So I went out and decided to do around 7 or 8 miles.

First mile was a warm-up: 8:37. Pretty good, but it was mostly downhill, so it was a little fast.

Then 8:09. “Whoas. Slow down a tiny bit, Michelle…”

And then 8:01. “That’s weird, it doesn’t feel that fast…”

7:55, 7:49, 7:50, 7:54, 7:56.

8 miles done.

WHAT THE HECK was that??? And that wasn’t even on flat land (okay, rollers and slight uphill during the whole last mile).

What’s going on? Why am I suddenly able to run sub-8:00 with such ease?

Then I remembered that one week before my first marathon, I also ran 8 miles, pretty much all under 8:00. Haha. I was excited and nervous as can be!

This Sunday, I will be running my 4th marathon in Ojai. The last one I did was just for fun/training. The one before that was when it was raining sideways and my ITB was hurting from mile 3.

Goal? To PR… pretty much have to break 3:40. I have to run around 8:20 average pace to PR.

Will the stars align? Can I trust in the training that I put in? Am I in racing shape? Gee, I sure hope so.

Glad I got to get some of that nervousness out in a nice run today. My adrenaline levels have now been replaced with endorphins 🙂


Went running in this new top:


(Instagram: meeshelkim. BTW, if you follow me, you will see that I am super not good at instagramming, hehe).

[Also, if you want to know where I got the top, it’s from Ellie. If you check out the site, you’ll see how they put fitness and fashion together! If you join, it’s $50 for two items… and you can skip months when you don’t want something from that month’s collection. It may sound like a lot, but I’ve definitely spent more than that for a workout top/pants from Target].

I loved it! It kept me cool and it felt awesome to wear it while running next to the ocean.

Only bad thing? How it’s white, and when I get super sweaty, you can see my soft and squishy one pack through it. Slightly less cute when that happens.


Okay. Time to study.

Last week of school, and last week of living in this house. So sad (BTW, I dropped off Joanna at the Greyhound today. I’M SO SAD, but I’m also so glad that God blessed me with a roommate who totally gets me!).

Hope you have a good week, everyone!

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